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What's New in Triple Whale: June 2023 Product Updates

What's New in Triple Whale: June 2023 Product Updates

Last Updated:  
August 4, 2023

Welcome to our latest installment of monthly product updates at Triple Whale. We’re on a mission to help you make better decisions. And this month, we’re excited to share several new features and core product updates.

In June, we launched our highly anticipated web analytics tool, coinciding perfectly with Google's transition to GA4. Furthermore, we implemented several key updates to strengthen our core product.

As always, you can explore our webpage for the June Product Updates HERE.

Product Updates:

Web Analytics

Introducing Triple Whale's Web Analytics, a robust feature designed to leverage data from our Pixel. This feature provides detailed and insightful web metric reports, eliminating the need for additional tools like Google Analytics. 

Here's what you can expect:

  • In the Summary page, you have access to comprehensive traffic metrics including Conversion Rate, Users, Sessions, Pages Per Session, Session Duration, Bounce Rate, New Users, and New Users %.
  • The Pixel page keeps you informed about the Conversion Rate, Unique Visitors, New Visitors, Sessions, Bounce Rate, Average Session Duration, and Average Page Views, all the way down to the ad level.
  • We are also planning to introduce Custom Events, enabling you to monitor and attribute any site event to your marketing efforts. Stay tuned for more updates.

In case you missed it: You can use web analytics to build a landing page report with the new Willy Dashboards, accessible from the Summary Page menu. Plenty more Willy Dashboards offering deeper analysis across all your data will be coming soon.

Get more details on Web Analytics HERE.

Willy Verified Questions

Verified Questions serve as a gateway to using Willy effectively and gaining more value. You can adjust these questions, altering dates, parameters, and exporting reports to CSV as per your needs. The export to CSV functionality extends to all reports and dashboards. Chat With Willy

Push Notifications

Our mobile app users can now receive anomaly push notifications for key business metrics, inventory alerts, Klayvio campaign sends and more. Other notifications can also be set up to be sent via email, Slack, or browser push. Set up your notifications HERE.

Cart Analysis

Our new Cart Analysis page, replacing the Bundles report, provides insights into your customers' shopping behavior. By analyzing shopping cart data, we identify buying trends and patterns, presenting opportunities to enhance customer experience and optimize conversions. Learn more HERE.

Product Analytics Refresh

We've enhanced the Product Analytics page to provide a better user experience and improved data quality. Find out more about the new features HERE.

View Segment Members

Our Smart Customer Data Platform (SCDP) just got even more powerful with the ability to view members of each segment. 

Now, users can click any segment to access high level stats of the segment, view all segment members and basic information of each, search for specific people, esport the segment members list to CSV, or share it to Google Sheets. Get the full details of our Smart Customer Data Platform HERE

New Pods View

Our redesigned Pods View offers a summary-like layout for easier navigation and understanding. Great for customers with multiple Shops!

Post-Purchase Survey Export

Introducing the Triple Whale PPS Export. Users can select a date range and export all answers to their questions at once.

They can then use this CSV to analyze their responses or even upload this data to Klaviyo to enrich the profiles of their subscribers/customers. More information on our Post Purchase Survey can be found HERE.

Next Gen Attribution Models

We're proud to introduce the beta version of our next-generation attribution models. We've improved their functionality using an internally developed ID graph and introduced multiple attribution windows.

Discover what's changed, the importance of these changes, and learn about our beta testing process HERE.

Pixel Page Columns

We've updated how your Pixel Page Columns customization is saved across different pages for a seamless experience.

Now, the latest saved version of the column layout (right after the update we will take your layout from Pixel All page) and use it on all categories (All, Ads, Email/SMS, Organic).

Change the layout on any page and it will update across all of them, saving you time and energy. Your layout is saved to your user's account settings and is synchronized across all your browsers and computers. Learn more about your Pixel Page Metrics HERE.

Coming Soon…

As always, we appreciate you being a part of the Triple Whale journey. We’re currently gearing up for an impactful release with one of our subscription management partners. Stay tuned for the announcement, and more valuable updates soon!

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