Triple Whale Alternatives: There’s Nothing Like The Real Deal
We didn’t want to create this page.

But we hate when there are lies floating around from our competitors. We’re proud of the work we do at Triple Whale, and we had to set the record straight.
Triple Whale vs. Everyone
We are the market leader in our field. This position has led many customers to switch from our competitors to us. In the scramble for market share, the truth has gotten twisted.

Let’s talk about the facts.
What They Say 🗣️

The Truth 🤝

Triple Whale is for small brands

Hard no.

Over 10,000 brands use Triple Whale.
   • 💰 We have brands achieving 100k to 250+ million in annual revenue
   • 📈 We have the tools and support to grow their success

Among our customers, you’ll find numerous large Shopify brands you’ve likely heard of, such as The Miami Heat, True Classic Tees, Milk Bar, Portland Leather, Cozy Earth, Mary Ruth’s, and more.

“I feel really bullish about the alignment that Triple Whale can help us achieve by giving a comprehensive 360 access to everybody who's involved at different steps of the process… When you're looking at enterprise-level solutions, that is the challenge. It's having a single source of truth, getting everyone on the same data platform, and seeing the data in real-time.”
Matthew Strelitz​
Director of Performance Marketing, Miami Heat

Triple Whale offers limited onboarding & support resources

We have a dedicated customer support team that provides seamless onboarding and fast time-to-value.

You don't have to wait 60 days to see if the platform works for you. Our team includes:
   • Onboarding and implementation specialists
   • Live chat representatives
   • Customer success managers
   • Experienced ecommerce strategists

We reply in minutes, not days.

“Onboarding and customer success teams are really reactive and respond quickly”
Ian M.

“I was particularly impressed with their exceptional customer support, as they were able to quickly address any issues and had everything sorted out efficiently.”
Mike P.

We (competitor) are an apples-to-apples Triple Whale alternative

Triple Whale offers a more holistic platform with a greater ability to simplify your tech stack and efficiently operate your business.

Many of our competitors want you to think they are on par with us. 🤠

Our platform includes attribution, data aggregation & visualization, customer and Product Analytics, creative analysis, RFM audiences, custom segment builder, influencer management, Web Analytics, and more.

The next time an attribution or dashboard tool tries to tell you they compete with us, just remember…

“What they claim their service does is exactly what it does, unlike many of their competitors.”
Hassan B.

Triple Whale’s attribution will stop working after iOS 17

This update will not impact Triple Whale’s attribution.

Triple Whale already uses alternative methods to track user activity without auto-appending unique identifiers to links. Your Triple Whale UTMs will not be affected either. We're keeping our eyes out for any changes, and continuously looking for ways to solve any potential future issues to protect our customers and their businesses.

Check out our blog on iOS 17

Better Data Than Anywhere Else
You’ve probably heard our competitors try to discredit our data. But the truth is, our data is our strongest asset. Let's dive into the facts.
What They Say 🗣️

The Truth 🤝

Triple Whale’s data is inaccurate

Transparency and accuracy are core to our product.

There is no other company providing transparency into attribution backed by actual Shopify orders like ours.

Don't trust our attribution? Easily peek behind the scenes of each order and follow the exact customer journey.

This video from our Co-Founder, Aj, demonstrates the correlation between our attribution and Shopify revenue.

Triple Whale uses third-party data and doesn't have first-party data

Triple Whale uses a completely proprietary first-party pixel that we have developed (not true for our competitors).

With Triple Whale, you have the flexibility to measure performance in a way that best suits your business. We offer seven unique attribution models: First Click, Last Click, Linear (Paid), Linear (All), Triple Attribution, Triple Attribution + Facebook views, and Total Impact.

Unlike most of our competitors, we include email and SMS in our attribution and provide zero-party data through our post-purchase survey and integrations with Kno and Fairing.

Total Impact goes beyond click attribution, utilizing first & zero-party data to model the total view of where your customers are actually coming from.

See How Total Impact Illuminates Mary Ruth's True ROAS

Triple Whale doesn’t update their data hourly

We update our data as close to real-time as possible (usually 15 min or less).

So, this one is kind of true. Our competitors update their data hourly which is why they position it this way. Our real-time data gives you a better opportunity to optimize in real-time, saving money and increasing ROI.

"[Prior to Triple Whale], it could take multiple weeks to get answers to questions that needed to be answered in real-time. And now the data is at our marketing team's fingertips. We're not waiting to find the answers. It's all there for us in real-time."
Greg Dalby
SVP Omni Channel, Milk Bar

Triple Whale doesn’t offer granular data

With Triple Whale, you can see your ad-level performance, analyze your business through custom metrics and segments, and even drill down to the individual touchpoints from each of your customers.

It doesn’t get more granular than that.

We have many customers who switch over from competitors because they want our more granular data.

“I'm able to get real-time granular insights into my business which would be hidden in a data set somewhere, and they are now clearly shown to me in an actionable way”
Admin M.

Triple Whale doesn’t have modeled data

Our Total Impact Attribution model leverages modeled data based on your first and zero-party data combined with an algorithm built with input from ecommerce operators.

However, the rest of our attribution models do not use modeled data.

Some of our competitor’s models can take 60/90 days for the data to be ready. And even then customers don’t ever fully understand the black box models, which is when they reach out to us.

9/10 of our customers are able to set up their stores in one afternoon and the data starts flowing immediately once integrations are set up. Our goal is to ensure quick time to value and data transparency. Easily understand and enjoy Triple Whale’s fast data flow with intuitive UX/UI. Our customers say it’s a breath of fresh air when they are used to traditional data viz tools.

“At MaryRuth’s, we are big advocates of Total Impact. Not just because it made the numbers look better, but because it really aligned - I can’t say that enough - with everything we were intuitively and subconsciously knowing. We knew things the data wasn’t showing. We knew the reason it wasn’t showing is because the data is so complex and the way we measured was too simple. It really helped us.”

Wyatt Lowe
Sr. Director of Digital Growth, MaryRuth's

Priced To Fit Any Budget
We recently updated our pricing and packaging. This caused a lot of commotion and false claims. We’re here to provide the truth.
What They Say 🗣️

The Truth 🤝

Triple Whale charges based on revenue, which penalizes business growth

While many of our competitors charge according to ad spend and page views, we align ourselves with your number one goal: growing your business.

Let's face it, all software is priced based on value metrics.

Check out our pricing page to see for yourself.

Triple Whale raised their prices an insane amount

The truth is, we lowered our pricing for 75% of customers and simplified our packages.

Really, this one makes us laugh. This Twitter thread from Aj, provides transparency into our reasoning behind the new pricing and packaging.

Make Better Decisions
With Better Data
Our team is bigger, we hold a larger market share, and we innovate and build at a much faster pace. We are on a mission to help you make better decisions with better data.