All Your Key Metrics in One Dashboard
Bring the metrics that matter most into one easy-to-use dashboard. Get the real-time insights you need to grow your brand.
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Summary Page

Shopify Sales
Klaviyo Revenue
Facebook Ads
Net Profit
One Tab to Rule Them All
Seamlessly integrate with your preferred e-commerce platform and marketing channels to view all your metrics in one visual dashboard
Centralized Metrics: View spend and ROAS across your key ad platforms, or see them together to gain a holistic understanding of your business growth
Native Integrations: Connect with your favorite ecommerce and marketing platforms including: Shopify, Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Ads, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest, Klayvio, Gorgias, and Amazon.
Data that makes sense
Transform complex data into valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with ease using Triple Whale's intuitive visualizations.
TW Stats: Harness the power of blended metrics
Metric Calculations: Gain clarity on how each metric is calculated
Channel-Native Data: Rest assured knowing that all data is imported directly from your ad channel accounts, ensuring accuracy and reliability.
Simple, Customizable Dashboard You Can Set Up in Minutes
Blend, Compare, and Analyze All Your E-commerce Metrics in Real-Time.
Custom Audiences: View success by custom audiences built directly from your first-party data in Triple Whale. Highlight clusters of customers with the highest engagement and AOV to maximize success.
Personalized View: Customize Triple Whale’s summary page to fit your needs and use unlimited look-back to quickly view growth over time.
No-Code Metric Builder: Create your own metrics with data from multiple platforms with just a few drags and clicks.
Data for Everyone, Any Time, Any Where
Share success with every stakeholder and see how you stack up.
Automated Reports: Keep everyone in the loop with custom reports sent directly to Slack or email. Highlight the metrics they need and keep your spend in-check.
Mobile Experience
Stay Up-To-Date On The Go
Keep peace-of-mind with all your important metrics wherever you are
Download Triple Whale’s mobile app to get data visualization that fits right in your pocket.
Empower Your Team

“We'll be tracking everything down to every hour's profit on our lovely @triplewhale dashboard where we have synced up every cost down to even human capital and salaries as well as our overhead and COGS. Don't be afraid of knowing the real picture. It helps paint a better future”

Ron Shah, Obvi

“@triplewhale allows to dive into the dashboard with ease. Not that suffocation. No more drowning”

Qash, Ecom Warrior

"Having the dashboards all in one place is a phenomenal thing to see, an overarching view of the health of our advertising makes our life a lot easier.”

Matt Fey, Portland Leather Goods

"As an agency owner, there is one tool that we require all of our clients to use, and that's because if you run an agency, you know that it's really hard to have all your data in one place and constantly know what is going on in each account. And that's why we use Triple Whale. Not only does it allow me to quickly be able to see how each of our accounts are doing, but also makes finding opportunities and capitalizing on those opportunities much easier than doing it manually."

Brad Ploch, WRK
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