Creative Cockpit
Cultivate Winning Creatives
Creative Cockpit provides in-depth insights, intuitive data visualization, and customizable segmentation to streamline ad-level analytics
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Go Beyond The Campaign
Gain clarity into the key drivers of performance, identify winning ads, and build creatives that deliver
Creative ID Insights: Know exactly how individual creative assets are performing across different campaigns. Analyze KPIs that highlight winning creatives.
Segment Your Creatives: Group creatives by common attributes to gain insights on what works. Filter by name and ID at the campaign, adset, and ad level.
Creative Highlights: Automatically uncover outliers and quickly optimize creatives
Unravel Creative Insights
Creative Cockpit makes it easier to convert valuable insights into interactive data visualization your whole team can understand
Interactive Charts: Compare multiple key metrics across your creatives or custom segments with dynamic trends charts
Sharable Scorecards: View comprehensive scorecards to quickly understand platform vs Pixel metrics for each of your creative assets
Customizable Metrics: Tailor your analysis to the KPI's that matter most to your business growth
Empower Your Whole Organization
Capture and share key insights to inform creative strategy across every brand touchpoint
Creative Report Card: Send snapshots highlighting ad performance with your whole organization (even if they are not using Triple Whale yet)
Export Your Data: Easily export performance data to CSV or Google Sheets for analysis outside of Triple Whale
Pilot Your Creative Process

“It’s a really quick way to identify your winners and which ads are actually pushing the performance into your account, also going off their Triple Pixel data. It’s super powerful.”

Dennis Willeboordse, D-Double Media & Creative Donut

“Creative Cockpit shows me every piece of creative I'm running on Facebook ads and lets me quickly monitor, spend, ROAS, and a whole bunch of other metrics all in one place. I always look at this tab first thing in the morning, and before I create any new content.”

Nate Lagos, Original Grain

“Triple Whale’s Creative Cockpit has: saved me hours every week, helped us better understand our creative data, actually uses valuable First-Party Data, allows us to scale winning creatives efficiently, & tailor a better roadmap for content creation”

Ash Melwani, Obvi
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