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Customer Analytics
Stop guessing who your customers are and what they want.
Leverage Triple Whale's Insights tools to make better business decisions and drive profitability at scale.
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Understand Your Who, What, When, and How
Triple Whale includes 10+ Insights tools built to help you answer
key questions about your customers and products, helping you:
Improve Customer Retention: Learn from your most valuable cohorts, capitalize on the average time between order, and maximize customer lifetime value.
Elevate Your Product Strategy: Identify your most valuable products, promote top-selling bundles, and lean into key offers that drive repeat purchases.
Dig Deep Into Custom Segments: Define customer segments to create personalized experiences, targeted communications, and identify growth opportunities.
Learn What Your Customers Want
Triple Whale’s customer analytics tools enable you to dig deeper into your customers’ shopping habits, better understand their behavior, and maximize the value they create for your business. 
Smart Customer Data Platform: Transform your data into unique customer segments with RFM audiences and segment builder. Gain complete transparency into your segments to uncover key drivers around growth and retention.
Cohort Analysis: Analyze customer behavior patterns over time to understand long-term revenue, assess cost recovery, gain insights into your most valuable customer subsets.
Sales Cycle: See your customers’ average time between orders and know the optimal time to reengage a customer and maximize their chance of purchasing again.
Optimize Your Product Strategy
Gain the insights you need to align your product strategy with your customers' buying behaviors. Boost customer satisfaction and sell more of the products your customers love.
Product Analytics: Leverage a robust array of real-time KPIs to understand your product line's performance and make merchandising decisions to unlock its full potential.
Cart Analysis: Identify the products that are frequently bought together to effectively strategize upsells, cross-sales, and targeted promotions.
Product Journeys: Visualize your customers’ path to purchase, uncover common buying behavior, and identify the key products that unlock repeat purchases.
Discover Your Path to Profitability

"I also love the cohort analysis tool. What's been amazing is prior to this doing cohort analysis, it was a very annoying process in terms of crunching the data, but Triple Whale does it immediately for you by filtering for different segments of customers."

Ray Li, SENE

“I love the customer insights tab, and this tab empowers our team to find things like which products to focus on because they have the best combination of CAC as well as LTV increase, or the bundling tab, which allows us to create upsells because we know what people are most likely to buy.”

Brad Ploch, WRK Marketing

"There's two things I use every day to profitably grow my e-com business. Triple Whale’s LTV, and Product Journey data. If you're in ecommerce, you know that getting repeat purchases is the key to profitability, and this tool lets you not only view how much each customer is worth to you, but also which product pairings make up the most common product journey. So you can adjust your marketing accordingly."

Nate Lagos, Original Grain

“We increased a client’s AOV by 75% on first-time customers because Triple Whale’s data showed they had a 65% chance of buying that same product within 90 days.”

Elijah Schneider, Modifly
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