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Trends by Triple Whale: Week of June 10th, 2024

Trends by Triple Whale: Week of June 10th, 2024

It’s the week before Father’s Day in the USA, and the deals on barbeques and power tools have already hit the advertisements. With the total spend for Father’s Day expected to reach $22.4 billion, it’s time to grab your slice of the pie, especially if you sell an item that fits nicely into a Dad-friendly industry. 

With Triple Whale’s thousands of accounts on Meta, Google, and TikTok, we’re able to take a bird’s eye view of the trends in ad spend and performance. Here’s a look at how performance changed week-over-week across the major ad platforms, with a peek into interesting industry stats at the end! 

Meta: Higher CPA & Drop in ROAS

When we investigate the trends across all industries for Meta ads for last week (June 2-9, 2024), we notice that CPM increased by +1.29%, where CPC trended slightly downward at -0.29%. At the bottom of the funnel, CPA increased slightly by +1.68%, whereas ROAS decreased by -3.21%. 

Google: Worsening ROAS

Google CPM stayed relatively flat week-over-week (-0.27%), but CPC rose by +6.45%. At the bottom of the funnel, CPA stayed pretty flat at -0.24%, but ROAS dropped by -7.86%.

TikTok: Drop in CPA, Decrease in ROAS

Advertisers investing in TikTok ads noticed a +6.14% increase in CPMs last week, and CPC also increased by +3.7%. The bottom of funnel again had a decrease in CPA of -12.97%, but it didn’t help ROAS again, much like last week, with a drop of -8.19%. 

Want to dive deeper into the data? Sign up for Trends for free to filter these metrics by Industry, AOV, Annual Rev, and date range!

Interesting Industry Trends

For the week of June 3rd to June 10th, 2024, we noticed a few industries that had metrics that stood out from the overall cohort. If your business is part of the industries listed below, did you experience something similar?

🍼 Baby: +19.65% increase in CPA and -19.20% decrease in ROAS for Google Ads

👕 Clothing: -28.88% drop in TikTok CPA, and +25.55% increase in Google CPA

🐶 Pet Supplies: -6.52% drop in CPA for Google Ads (reverse of the overall cohort)

🏡 Home & Garden: -21.50% decrease in CPA and -17.20% drop in ROAS for TikTok

🎾 Sporting & Goods: -11.23% drop in CPA for Google Ads, +11.75% for CPA on Meta

📺 Electronics: -33.47% decrease in CPA and +10.58% increase in ROAS on TikTok

Overall, some interesting trends coming from the data! If you’re curious how other industries performed, you can check out our free Trends tool here. You can even add your own ad data to benchmark your performance to that of your peers. It’s cool, you should check it out!

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