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Top 6 eCommerce Marketing Agencies to Scale Profit in 2023

Top 6 eCommerce Marketing Agencies to Scale Profit in 2023

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

Have you struggled to find a good eCommerce Agency which fulfills your needs and doesn’t cost the earth? Do you know what makes one eCommerce Agency better than the next?  Do you feel like the eCommerce Agency owners all sound the same, making it difficult to choose the right one?

If you have answered yes to at least one of those questions then read on - we have everything you need to know to select one of the best eCommerce agencies and in the process we have assisted with that process by compiling our own top six eCommerce Marketing Agencies which will help you scale profit in 2023.

Some Brand owners hire their own in-house advertising employees.  However this is quite a risky strategy if the employee is not as fully adverse to paid ads, compared to the top eCommerce Agency strategists. Ultimately this could loose the Brand sales, profit and the brand will suffer as a result.    

To take this pressure away from Brand owners and to be competitive in the marketplace, eCommerce agencies exist for you. They remove all the hassle of managing your ads, and they have the right technical know-how and understand how to get you results, thus helping you to scale profit.

Remember eCommerce agencies want you to grow, because they will grow too - a real partnership. They want to be good at what they do, so you are happy with them and ultimately your ROI.

So what does it take to find the best advertising agency? If you do a Google search there are a lot, hundreds even.  What if the first few Google pages are the ones who are paying for SEO so you can see them - it doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best.  

Below we have reviewed six e-Commerce Marketing Companies.  To learn more about these e-Commerce agencies, it’s important to review their websites too - to see if they are your best ‘fit’.  Obviously clients' needs are different or you're on a different part of your growth path. However, we feel these six agencies will give you a good basis to progress along your path to success and good scaling profit results for 2023.

Lastly, remember before you select and hire your chosen eCommerce agency, make sure your:

  • Marketing strategy is in place
  • Goals are set
  • Website is in a good place, working well and optimized
  • Good case studies
  • Reviews are included

And note, the top eCommerce agencies will discuss these points with you during your initial strategy call.

All set… let’s go…

1. Rozee Digital

You’ve read that right, that is us and at the moment we are proud to place ourselves as one of the best agencies in its field and definitely worth consulting with us, if you’re looking to scale profit in 2023.

At Rozee Digital, we're a full funnel first marketing agency that helps ambitious eCommerce and direct to consumer brands grow faster.

While adding ourselves may appear bias, however, we're able to back this up with the extensive results across our portfolio of eCommerce clients.

Working in various niches within eCommerce, such as Fashion, Food & Drink, Homeware, Garden, Baby, Beauty & Skincare, Subscription Boxes, Fitness and more.


Case studies and Testimonials;

  • Helped high end fashion brand grow by 141% at 10x ROAS since June 2021.
  • Helped Streetwear brand grow by 273% in Q4 2022 at 6x ROAS.
  • Female lifestyle brand grew by 60% in 2022 at 4x ROAS, whilst CPAs decreased YoY.
  • Fashion Boutique Revenue is up by 60% Year To Date in 2022, Facebook ads ROAS used to be avg 1.68x now, and it is 3.5x ROAS & Google Ads used to be $33 CPA and now it is $20 CPA

Hampden Clothing; ‘"Tom and his team stepped in to take over our paid marketing after we'd had a terrible experience with another company. His transparency and eagerness to be a true partner with us were so refreshing. He also performed a CRO audit that we used to tweak our site and helped increase our lagging conversion rate. We saw a 141% increase in revenue and consistently saw a ROAS over 5X. We are so thankful for the Rozee team's commitment to helping us meet our e-commerce goals!" Thanks again for your hard work Tom, we so appreciate you and everything you've done for us!"

‘Girl Tribe Co.’ ‘We’ve had the best January that we’ve ever had, and I think that was definitely with your guy’s help’.

2. Right Hook Digital

Right Hook Digital is a digital marketing agency focused on scaling eCommerce brands, with offices in United States & Australia.

Their expertise lies within Shopify stores, building using CHARM strategies to drive more sales for DTC brands


Case studies and Testimonials;  

‘Gold Hinge’ doubled their biggest revenue month ever hitting $670k. They have reduced their acquisition costs by 21% and have increased daily sales by 150%.

ONCEWAS $227,473.35 at Total Revenue at 4.64x MER. 64% more revenue than their best month

“You're also a safety net for us, making sure that we're on track and accountable for what we need to do to ensure that campaigns go off without a hitch. It's very holistic in that regard. You don't just do your job. You make sure that we're doing the best at our job.” - Belinda Glynn, Oncewas Founder.

3. Klientboost

Klientboost is not just about search engine optimization. It has a dedicated team providing complete PPC management & email marketing services.

Klientboost prides itself on having the most case studies out of any agency.


Case Studies and Testimonials;

Fashionfile; Luxury eCommence accessories . Klient Boost have developed the strategy with a 51% increase on Ad spend. Year on year results and tripled. A great partnership and they are very transparent.

Lily and Fox Increased Their Conversions By 86% And Increased Their Traffic By 94%

“KlientBoost has really helped us increase our customer base by consistently generating a high volume of qualified leads” Taylan Alpan Co-Founder

4. Common Thread Collective

Common Thread Collective focuses on DTC brands and through data-driven PPC campaigns, creatives and consultancy.

They also run a few of their own DTC Brands which gives them give us consistent insight into operational mechanics and financial outcomes


  • Full Growth Services
  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Email & SMS
  • Strategy
  • Ad creatives

Case Studies and Testimonials;

BambuEarth; over 3,017% Year-one revenue growth and profitability driven by 60 day LTV.  

Supply; ‘Worldwide scale and 3.6% YOY growth.

47 Forty Seven; 4000% increase in sales via paid social and +103% YOY growth.  

“I’ve partnered with CTC at two separate companies, across four years, and tens of millions in revenue.” Matthew Murray Coo & Cmo At Love Wellness

5. Stryde

Stryde is an eCommerce Digital Marketing agency located in Lehi, Utah. Their team is made up of a group of marketers who are extremely passionate about helping small and large companies grow their online visibility and revenue through digital channels. Their firm takes a very focused approach to building and executing digital marketing strategies for businesses in the fashion/apparel, baby/mom, home goods, & travel industries.


  • SEO
  • Paid Ads
  • CRO
  • Email Marketing

Case studies and Testimonials;

Nesting Olive; The results were amazing. The staff were so great and easy to work with. 5 stars, I would recommend them to anybody.

Baby Tula; The Stryde Team is always exploring new ways to make paid media, search and SEO work for our brand.

Inbox Fitness; Organic Traffic Growth; 220% YOY. Organic Revenue Growth; 712% YOY

6. Dunk Agency

Based in the down-under, Australia - Dunk Agency helps companies craft digital footprints across the spectrum of paid advertising and organic activity to drive consistent business growth. With millions of ad spend and decades of experience under their belt they are there to serve meaningful marketing.


  • Social Media Ads
  • Google Ads
  • User Generated Content
  • Email Marketing

Dunk an Australian award-winning marketing house, specializing in growth for eCommerce and purpose-led brands.

A breakdown of services in simple terms;

Social Media Ads

Social network advertising, also social media targeting, is a group of terms that are used to describe forms of online advertising/digital marketing that focus on social networking services.

eCommmerce Email Marketing

The art and science of leveraging email to drive sales for your store is known as ecommerce email marketing. Simple examples include emailing customers who leave their shopping trolleys unattended. Or complicated, such as having several campaigns that collaborate to massively increase sales

User Generated Content

User-generated content, also known as UGC, is a type of content made by actual people to advertise your brand. This includes written testimonials, images, audio, and videos that supporters, ambassadors, and even staff members from your brand produce and post on social media and other digital channels.

User-generated content has developed to include expertly crafted written content, captivating films, and eye-catching photographs that effortlessly match your brand identity. Although the days of blurry photos and unimpressive films are long gone, UGC still possesses the crucial element of authenticity. UGC doesn't feel like an advertisement, and like a word-of-mouth referral, it frequently has a lot more influence.

Paid Search Advertising

With the aim of increasing traffic to their website, businesses can use paid search advertising, a sort of digital marketing approach, to pay search engines to position their adverts higher on pertinent search engine results pages (SERPs). The most popular type of paid search is pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Search Engine Optimization

"Search engine optimization" is known as SEO. It simply refers to the process of making changes to your website to make it more visible when users search for goods or services associated with your company on Google, Bing, and other search engines. The more visible your pages are in search results, the more likely it is that you'll get noticed and draw both new and returning clients to your company.

Now what - any other tips?

So you’ve read the top 6 eCommerce agencies above.  You know what services they can offer, but how can I choose the right agency for my Brand’s needs?

When evaluating an agency, it's essential to consider their track record of delivering consistent results for clients. Read their clients testimonials, as you would any review for a product or service. Ask the Agency if you can speak to one of their other Brand owners.

Additionally, see if the Agency has received industry recognized awards. These awards are often judged by experts with good industry experience - again indicating a reputable agency.  

We’ve discussed available marketing services, however, when choosing a digital marketing agency, it's important to consider the services they offer compared to what they advise you need and what is best for your brand.

While an agency that offers a wide range of services may not necessarily be a bad thing, it's essential to ensure they hold expertise in the specific area you're looking to improve. Imagine, you go to a restaurant which has an extensive menu. You would probably be concerned that the food may not be fresh nor of a good standard. Now compare that to a menu with only chef specials only. Agencies can be compared to those menu options. It's better to work with a specialized agency that excels in the specific service you need, rather than a master of none.

Be wary of unrealistic promises. While it's possible to achieve impressive results, be sure to do your due diligence and know when a promise seems too good to be true - as it usually is. During your consultation call, ask the agency about their plans for delivering the promised results and what specific tools and strategies they will use to execute their digital marketing strategy. This will help you decide if the Agency promises are realistic and achievable.

Last but not least… communication!

Ensure you are in regular contact with your chosen Agency. When working with a digital marketing agency, it's essential to have a close working relationship. The relationship should feel like working as one team.  

The Agency should provide regular, weekly or bi-weekly progress reports and data, for you to measure results. If the results are not meeting expectations, the agency should be able to provide adjustments. On the other hand, if the results are successful, it's important to understand what worked well and explore how those strategies can be applied to other areas of your business.  

As a Brand owner you will have lots of other pressures of work and consequently little time. It’s easy to think the Agency will take care of everything, however like any good relationship you need good communication from both parties for the relationship to succeed.

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