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Pixel PRO Now Supports Shopify Headless, Landing Pages & Third Party Payment Providers and Revenue Tools

Pixel PRO Now Supports Shopify Headless, Landing Pages & Third Party Payment Providers and Revenue Tools

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

First there was “Bennifer”. Then there was “Brangelina”. Today we’re happy to announce the biggest thing since 1990’s celebrity super couples, TWeadless (…just let us have this one 😛). You've been asking: 

Triple Whale Meets Headless

Headless commerce is becoming more and more popular, as it allows for highly customized experiences in addition to boosting site speed and SEO efforts. When we first launched Triple Pixel during the thick of iOS14.5 woes, we had two initial goals:

  1. Get Triple Pixel to market ASAP for e-commerce entrepreneurs
  2. Lower the friction of implementation - aka, no dev resources required.

We’re thrilled to say we can check off both those boxes - but now we’re ready to support even more incredible e-commerce businesses.

In short, Headless commerce works by separating your front end from your backend. This made things a bit tricky for original Shopify integration…until today! Triple Whale now stitches your front end data with your back end data - so you don’t have to worry about losing those clickable purchases ever again.

Even better - this update will also make Triple Whale accessible to any businesses using landing pages and/or 3rd Party payment processors. We just recommend working with a developer to implement the code for seamless results.

Due to the complexity of Shopify headless, we recommend working with a developer to implement the Pixel Code. You can find the documentation here:

Not only will our new code solve the Headless pain point, it will also help any ecommerce businesses using landing pages and 3rd Party payment processors.

Using Triple Pixel with Landing Pages

Landing pages are a great way to test out new UX for your website, launch head to head CRO tests, and an especially quick and easy way to get new products to market. As DTC growth strategy evolves, slick landing pages and investment in CRO are becoming more crucial for success.

As of this update, Triple Pixel can now track clickable purchases from your landing page(s) to Shopify. We’re compatible with all the major tools - Unbounce, Unstack (the only ecommerce landing page platform that automatically integrates Triple Whale), Kajabi, Instapage, Shogun, and so forth.

To get started, just install the new Pixel code in the /Head of your landing page and integrate with our Shopify app. Viola, we’ll take care of the rest.

Using Triple Pixel with Third Party Payment Processors & Revenue Tools

Our narwhals have been asking for this - and we’re very excited about this one.

With this new Triple Pixel release, you can track purchases from third party payment processors and various revenue tools that integrate with Google Tag Manager or have custom code for tracking/pixels. For example, this will include apps like Zipify and more. Please understand there will be differences in each integration.

Documentation to Get Started

We know you can't wait to get this implemented, so below is all of the documentation to get you started. Every platform will have their unique implementation process, and web development resources will most likely be needed in more technical implementations.

Adding the Triple Pixel to 3rd-Party Landing Pages or a Headless Shopify Store
Installing Triple Pixel to Custom Shopify Sites

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