What Makes A Genius, Pinterest Ads, Insane Amazon Stat, Starbucks Domination & More

What Makes A Genius, Pinterest Ads, Insane Amazon Stat, Starbucks Domination & More

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June 23, 2023

👋 Happy Thursday fellow Whale Mailers!

We are coming in hot off the heels of the announcement of the Triple Pixel, but not to fear we still have a banging Whale Mail.

We start with a super strong update…custom metric builder is live.

So much more on this to come, but the long and the short of it is you can numerically manipulate any and all data Triple Whale is pulling in. Want a true POAS of Net Profit/Total Ad Spend? Here you go 🥳!

Don’t see the metric you are looking for? Tweet at us @TryTripleWhale and we can try to put it on the product roadmap.

Ok let’s dive into the good stuff, the reading section is spearheaded by two seminal essays. The first is an exploration of Genius and Talent. Super fun read by Maria Popova.

P.S. Congrats on the rebrand Maria, formerly known as Brain Pickings -> The Marginalian.

Next, we jump into the knock on effects of the rebranding and what Facebook, excuse me, Meta is trying to accomplish. Ben Thompson always brings the heat. Strong read from one of the best minds in the game.

Rounding out the reading section, we have an epic thread on how Starbucks extracts maximum value out of every customer and then an interesting thread on what headwinds Ecom owners are dealing with this Q4.

Finally, we have our fact, tool and tip of the week.

Thank you for being a proud consumer of Whale Mail. You rock.

Have a whale of day!



P.S. We finally popped the 2k subs mark. Next stop 5k 🚀.

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Schopenhauer on What Makes a Genius and the Crucial Difference Between Talent and Genius – The Marginalian

“Genius is the power of leaving one’s own interests, wishes, and aims entirely out of sight… so as to remain pure knowing subject, clear vision of the world.”  •  Share

Meta – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Facebook’s reorganization into Meta is the ultimate bet on the power of founder control.  •  Share

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Create The Habits You Need To Succeed with James Clear

In this episode, we show you exactly how to build the habits and routines you need to succeed, break down what makes powerful habits, and share how to stay motivated and productive no matter what happens with our guest James Clear.  •  Share

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What Makes A Genius, Pinterest Ads Content

Foreplay| Save Competitors Facebook Ads

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