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🚀 Growth Playbook for Twitter, Cash Conversion Cycle, Marketing First Principles, TikTok Hacks & More

🚀 Growth Playbook for Twitter, Cash Conversion Cycle, Marketing First Principles, TikTok Hacks & More

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June 6, 2023

👋 Hello beautiful Whale Mailer!

Today’s resource round-up is filled with value to help you scale.

First up is a stellar podcast episode with Dennis Hegstad, diving into how he built and sold his Shopify app, as well as mistakes to avoid as entrepreneurs (oh, and his dope watch collection).

Making up the recommended readings for the week, we have a breakdown of some commonly held “best practices” that might not be as safe as you think…

Next, there’s a full breakdown of 13 actionable strategies for audience growth on Twitter.

To conclude our recommendations, we found a great podcast with a TikTok expert detailing how to use the platform to scale your brand, organically.

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🎙️You're Not Your ROAS

Cash Conversion Cycle TikTok Hacks Content
How Dennis Hegstad Built & Sold His Shopify App EP.17

EP017 - Dennis Hegstad on Building & Selling A Successful Shopify App

Today we have none other than Dennis Hegstad, co-founder of LiveRecover, which was recently acquired for a large sum of money. In this episode, Dennis dives deep into what it takes to build a successful app, the acquisition process, and much more.  •  Share

🐳 State of the Whale

Cash Conversion Cycle TikTok Hacks Content
State of the Whale - 008

👩🏻‍💻 What We Are Reading?

🎧 What We Are Listening To?

How to build an audience on TikTok w/JT Barnett - The Marketing Millennials

Getting started on TikTok? Not sure where to begin? Listen to this episode with TikTok expert JT Barnett for a crash course on organic audience growth.  •  Share

🤯 Fact of the Week

🧰 Tool of the Week

Okay, okay… we may be a little biased here. But if you’re wondering how Triple Whale can help your agency (and your clients) grow, you’ll want to watch this breakdown by Jordan Platten:

Cash Conversion Cycle TikTok Hacks Content
The Best iOS 14 Facebook Ads Pixel Solution in 2022 - Triple Whale Shopify Tutorial

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