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The AI Transformation: Issue #3

The AI Transformation: Issue #3

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April 26, 2024
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Hey there,

It’s a quiet week for us at Triple Whale, since many of our lovely colleagues are celebrating Passover! Which means this weekly newsletter is getting a ✨celebrity takeover ✨

Just kidding, no celebs in sight – but you are stuck with me: Mary, Product Marketer at your service 👋

If you’re new to the Moby waitlist, we send a weekly email on all the updates to our new platform (this is it)! I hope you enjoy getting a preview of what is happening behind the scenes. Keep scrolling for:

👷 Use Cases

🆕 Platform Updates

🦜 Trending Prompts

⏩ Sequences
🏆 Board of the Week

👀 Behind The Scenes at Triple Whale

Let’s get into it.


👷 Use Cases

Highlighting great use cases in the new generation of Triple Whale

Here’s a use case our team has found helpful for growth marketers over the past few weeks:

First, ask Moby:

What are my 3 top selling products for new customer purchases from Facebook ads over the last 90 days?

Then, feed Moby some reviews for those products (don’t worry, we’re only a few weeks away from pulling in reviews via an integration!). Ask Moby:

Based on the reviews from this product page (LINK HERE), what are the top 10 reasons people are buying?

Finally, prompt Moby to get help optimize your marketing strategy:

Using these 10 reasons and the top selling products, create 20 headlines that I can test for Facebook Ads copy.

Try it out


🆕 The Latest and Greatest

The most up-to-date features you need to know

This week is alllll about Boards. Our team is hitting Moby with prompts to create some pretty cool analyses for you:

📦 Bundle Analysis: Explore which products are bought together most often and the metrics associated with them


🔨 Income Statement: Analyze your revenue, fixed costs, advertising costs, gross profit, and net profit all in one place


Andddd I saved the best for last:

👟 Customer Journeys: Analyze your customers top paths to conversion

Here you'll find top channel overlap amongst customers, average time from first click to purchase and complete order journeys. This template will help you understand what marketing channels your customers are interacting with prior to purchase.


Get the Boards from the Template Library


🦜 Trending Moby Prompts

Last week, Moby got pinged with 3,028 questions 🤯

Yeah, this powerful AI is handling a lot of requests and access is still restricted to this exclusive group!

Here’s what was most popular:

Ad spend and performance:

What is my Google Ads spend over the past 12 months broken out by month?

Meta campaign analysis:

What is my ROAS for Meta Ads over the past 7 days?

Customer acquisition and segmentation:

What was my percentage of new customers vs percentage of returning customers over the last 7 days that came from Google Ads?

Product performance and inventory:

What are my best selling products from the past 30 days that are out of stock?

To learn more about how to Build with Moby, join our CEO, Aj, and Nick the Data Guy™️ on a live stream each Wednesday at 2:30 pm EDT on X and LinkedIn

Check it out


⏭️ Sequences

Sequences help Moby automatically run prompts, gather data, and draw strategic insights from the data outputs

▶️ BI: Top Product Combos

These are the products that are being ordered together, most often. We even had Moby recommend some new product combinations for your next product bundle campaign.

21Frame 48096970

Try it out


🏆 Board of the Week

I don't know about you, but I'm a snoop.

And at work, I get my best, most productive snooping done via Post-Purchase Survey responses. Let's get into the gossip-queen Board we built so you can to peek behind the scenes and optimize your marketing strategy.  

🗒️ Post-Purchase Survey | Triple Whale

What is it: This Board gets you a little *extra* like showing all the responses, how many responses and respondents, and gives you a nice visualization. Thanks, Chairman of the Boards!

Who’s it for: Marketers running Triple Whale's Post-Purchase Survey

You can join me and Logan Brown, Chairman of the Boards, LIVE each Thursday at 12 pm EDT to talk about these customizable Boards in The Board Room on X and LinkedIn 📺  

Check it out


🫣 BTS @ Triple Whale

A glimpse into what our team is excited about…

It may be passover, but Aj takes no days off (insert Bill Belichick here). Here’s the after hours #general slack message banger of the week:

🤝 Build with us

We’re hosting live shows on X and LinkedIn every week!

  • Wednesdays at 2:30 pm EDT: Build with Moby. Join our CEO, Aj Orbach, with Data Guy, Nick Streicher, and PMM, Ethan Shust to watch the team chat with Moby IRL.
  • Thursdays at 12 pm EDT: The Board Room. That’ll be hosted by our Chairman of the Boards, Downtown Logan Brown, and yours truly! We’ll run through some of the latest and greatest out-of-the-box analytics we’re building for you and show you how to DIY.

📚 What we're reading

If you love fun facts and your friends say talking to you is like micro-dosing Wikipedia, do I have a newsletter for you.

Okay, I'm cheating this week. While this isn't about AI, I'm thinking that you, my friends, are some *numbers people*. Let me put you onto a fantastic daily newsletter with all the numbers and fun facts you could want: Numlock News by Walt Hickey.

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