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Introducing Founders Dash, The Free Dashboard for Ecommerce Leaders

Introducing Founders Dash, The Free Dashboard for Ecommerce Leaders

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

We’ve got big news. HUGE news.

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Founders Dash, our always-free, all-in-one dashboard for ecommerce business leaders. 

The idea to give ecommerce brands a freemium product to serve as a central source of truth has been floating around Triple Whale since our inception. We’ve been working hard to fine-tune this iteration of our Summary page for the better half of a year. 

It’s time for marketing teams to streamline the way they track performance. Founders Dash is perfect for brands ramping up and diversifying their ad spend, marketers that want to try Triple Whale before they buy, and leaders keeping a pulse on marketing efforts. 

“We look at Triple Whale multiple times throughout the day to monitor our business in real-time, which empowers us to make the best decisions to continue growing our brand profitably,” said Ben Yahalom, President of True Classic, a 9-figure men's clothing brand built on Shopify. 

Robust Features in One Simple Dashboard

Founders Dash is a free dashboard to view all your real-time business metrics in one place, with the added Triple Whale special sauce. If you’ve used Triple Whale before, this dashboard will look very familiar. But it’s not just a dashboard.

It also includes…

Mobile App and Push Notifications

What’s the use of real-time data if you can’t check it in real-time no matter where you are? Download Triple Whale on your phone, configure your notifications, and even set-up a widget to keep an eye on your metrics quickly and easily. 

Web Analytics

Hate GA4? No problem. Access Triple Whale’s web analytics for free through the Founders Dash. Simply install the Triple Pixel to start gathering data. 

The best part: if you ever decide that you need more data to get your brand to profitability, you’ve already done the work (installed the Pixel) to have it ready to go.

Post-Purchase Survey 

While this is a dashboard, we’re an analytics and attribution business. And we couldn’t resist letting you install a Post-Purchase Survey to start gathering zero-party data directly from their customers. 

A pared-down version of our paid product, this survey is 1-question and can easily be installed on your post-purchase Shopify pages. 


To make this dashboard as powerful as possible, connect all your platforms to aggregate your data in one place. Founders Dash users will be able to view metrics from integrated platforms:

  • Klaviyo 
  • Google Ads
  • Meta Ads
  • Microsoft Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • TikTok
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest 
  • Slack

Each platform added contributes to the blended metrics provided by Triple Whale in the pinned section of your dashboard. 


Ever wonder what your industry competitors’ performance metrics look like? Yeah, us too. Now you can measure up to your competitors directly through the Founders Dash. Right-size the data for your brand by filtering by industry, spend, and AOV.  

If you know Triple Whale, you know this is only the beginning of a beautiful, robust and free dashboard. So, what are you waiting for?

Founders Dash is now available in the Shopify app store. To take advantage of the free plan, click here to start your journey to data-driven success.

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