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What's New In Triple Whale: October Monthly Product Updates

What's New In Triple Whale: October Monthly Product Updates

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

This October, we've introduced a series of deliberate updates to Triple Whale, tailored to enhance your workflow and ensure BFCM readiness. Embracing more granularity and flexibility to meet your needs, these enhancements are crafted to blend effortlessly into your daily routine.

The result? Crisper data, user-friendly workflows, and quicker decision-making.

Let's dive in.

Updated COGS Calculation

Accurate COGS = Accurate Net Profit. 

Triple Whale supports returned COGS due to restocking of returned products, determined by Shopify settings. Users can also view a breakdown of their COGS.

New Shipping Cost Settings

Shipping costs are complicated. Not anymore.  

Shops can add shipping costs in 2 additional ways (in addition to cost per country):

  1. Use Shopify Shipping Charges for Shipping Costs - Enable this if shipping costs are equal to what your customers have been charged for shipping in Shopify.
  2. Shipping Costs by Order ID (CSV upload)

Summary Metric Tiles

Gain clarity into your key drivers on your biggest days. 

Users can see the metric value when they hover their mouse on the timeline of any metric tile. Available on the Summary Page and Pods View. 

RFM Audiences

See what differentiates your Core customers from your Loyal customers and Whales.

Within SCDP, you can view the definition of each RFM segment by clicking on the “view” icon. 

Refined AOV Calculations

The updated AOV calculation aligns with Shopify's AOV, excluding shipping and taxes. Additionally, we've added a calculation breakdown into Shopify AOV and True AOV. True AOV excludes $0 orders.

Shopify Gross Sales

Available for all shops in the 'Shopify store' section of the Summary Page. Gross Sales are defined as: Product price x quantity (before taxes, shipping, discounts and returns).

New Insights Filters

Within the Cohorts, Product Analytics, and Cart Analysis pages, you can filter by:

  • Customers: store account creation date
  • Attribution: source, referring site, ads account id, campaign name, campaign id, adset name, adset id, ad name, ad id

Little fixes = big improvements

💾 Pixel Page Metrics: New Customer Purchases and NC-ROAS are now clickable, which will display a list of the new customers acquired for your respective date range. 

📄 Google Sheets Reports: Choose a date range for one-time exports, rather than just a start date. 

💃🏽 Affluencer Hub Discount Codes: Customers can choose between a discount $ or % amount when creating an affluencer discount directly within Triple Whale.

🛒 Product Analytics New Metric: “Added to Cart” is available for product level analysis on your product analytics page. The data for this metric is backfilled until May 2023.

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