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Black Friday Cyber Monday Quick Tips

Black Friday Cyber Monday Quick Tips

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

There are only 2 More Fridays until Black Friday. If you’re not prepared yet, that can sound scary. Here are some quick tips to get prepared and capitalize on the opportunity with Triple Whale.

🎯 Tip #1: Set Clear Goals for Your Key Metrics

Identify Your KPIs: KPIs can vary for each brand, we recommend focusing at least on ROAS, new customer ROAS, CPA, new customer CPA, and Average Order Value (AOV). New customer metrics are key to ensuring you are efficiently acquiring new customers, and not just returning customers. 

Set your Targets: Look at your KPIs for August, September, and October to get a solid baseline. 

  • For BFCM we recommend aiming for 20-30% improvement in your key KPIs from the baseline. Why 20-30%? Based on our performance data, 20-30% is typical KPI lift the most brands experienced in 2022. This makes sense when you take into account the aggressive sales, and the increase in efficiency needed to maintain overall margins. 
  • Note: AOV may stay flat or drop depending on your promotional strategy (discount vs bundling). That’s ok!

Stay Informed: With Triple Whale, you easily track and visualize these metrics in real-time. On Triple Whale’s Summary Page, you can pin your KPIs or create new section to see big picture performance (see below). On the Pixel page, you can dial in your column presets to dive deep into your performance by channel and campaign.

  • Transparency into your KPIs enables you to scale ad spend confidently. Our data from last year showed brands scaled ad spend over 200% to capitalize on the opportunity. 

🔍 Tip #2: Embrace Click-Only Attribution During Aggressive Sales

Better Visibility: During the BFCM window, it’s important to lean into click-based attribution for clearer insights. Avoid being misled by inflated revenue claims from ad platforms, which often include view-through data and repeat customer revenue. We recommend using the Triple Attribution Model for clarity on this front. Learn more on how to use Triple Pixel during holiday season. 

Real-Time Decision Making: Click-only attribution combined with Triple Whale’s real-time data, gives you immediate signals, helping you adjust budgets on the fly. 

BFCM Case Study

With a sound strategy and the right platform to create clarity around your performance, you’ll be setup for success! Check out the case study below to see how TALENTESS and RSN8 Media successfully navigated BFCM last year, and the key swings they saw in their KPIs during the opportunistic window.

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