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The New Triple Whale: Product Update

The New Triple Whale: Product Update

Last Updated:  
April 22, 2024
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Last week was big for us at Triple Whale. The Whalies was a whirlwind. 

The best news: the new generation of Triple Whale has arrived.

The early access list is open. Which means there are quite a few newcomers to this email. We’re happy you’re here!

For our early access’rs: an email will arrive in your inbox every week to give you the latest Triple Whale updates and provide some helpful tips and tricks to get your team up-and-running on the new platform. Want to get on the early access list? See above!

Here's what you can expect us to cover in this blog:

👷 Use Cases

🆕 Platform Updates

🦜 Trending Prompts

⏩ Sequences
🏆 Board of the Week

👀 Behind The Scenes at Triple Whale

Let’s get into it.

👷 Use Cases

It’s officially Q2. We’re past the slog of the first quarter, and it’s time to do a lookback on the customers that you’ve brought in so far this fiscal year. 

Let’s start with a prompt for Moby:

Give me my LTV for customers that came in January 2024 by order tag

Take the top result, and follow up with:

Give me the LTV trend over time for customers with ‘ORDER TAG’

Based on those results, you can uncover how valuable that order tag is to your long term (or short term) business goals. Go forth and strategize! 

Try it:

🆕 The Latest and Greatest 

Prompt guide is live

  • You may have noticed that new Moby chats provide you with an option to look at a Prompt Guide. If you’re running into issues with getting the right outputs from Moby, definitely start there. 

Schedule sequences

  • You’re now able to schedule Sequences to run whenever you need! Simply click the three dots next to the Sequence title (the ‘kebab’) and create a schedule to deploy when and where you want. 

Pin sequence outputs to boards

  • When you run or schedule a Sequence, you also have the option to push the output to a Board. You’ll see a big blue ‘Add To’ button below Moby’s output that will allow you to choose where to put it. 

Pin forecasts to boards

  • Just like pinning your Sequences to a Board, you can do the same with your forecasting Moby requests! Plan for the future in Moby and save it to revisit whenever you need. 

Sequences are now a destination! (Sequence Template Library)

  • If you’re missing Sequences, don’t worry. They’ve packed up and moved to the Template Library in the app. By selecting ‘Preview,’ you can view all the prompts within the Sequence prior to running it. 

🦜 Trending Prompts 

Last week, Moby got pinged with 2,273 questions 🤯

Here’s what was most popular:

Ad Spend and Performance 

 - “What's my blended ad spend the past 7 days?” 

Product Performance and Inventory

 - “What are the items per customer for the last 7 days and last 90 days and prior year for only Shopify?”

Meta Campaign Analysis 

 - “Show me the Facebook Ads with the least ROAS and their purchases. Include the number of clicks but remove the Ad ID column. Show data from March 15th to April 15th.”

Revenue and Sales Analysis 

 - “What is the total revenue generated from Shopify over the last 7 days?”

Customer Acquisition and Segmentation 

 - “What is the New vs returning customers for the last 7 days and the last 90 days for only Shopify platform, and the percentage variance between these periods?”

Check it out:

⏭️ Sequences

Sequences are set to help Moby automatically run prompts, gather data, and draw strategic insights from the data outputs. 

To view the prompts that make up a Sequence before you run it, select the three dots (we call this a ‘kebab’) next to the sequence title and click ‘Edit’. You’ll be able to customize the Sequence there.  

The Sequence we can’t stop talking about this week is:

▶️ Meta Attribution Models

By analyzing your ROAS across attribution models, this Sequence will help you understand your performance over time per model and provide recommendations on how to make improvements to your advertising campaigns. 

Check it out:

 🏆 Board of the Week

A new Board you can add to your account

Our team built a Board to help you dig into AOV in a few different ways to understand the purchasers and purchases that matter. Our team worked hard to make this template useful straight out-of-the-box, but as soon as you add it to your Triple Whale account, it’s yours to configure however you’d like. 


What is it: This Board helps you dig deeper into your customers’ shopping habits, better understand their behavior, and maximize the value they create for your business. Track mean, median, and mode AOV and view the distribution across customers.

Who’s it for: Marketers and business operators

Check it out: 

🫣 BTS @ Triple Whale

A glimpse into the stuff our team is excited about…

Our Customer Success team rocks. We launched a new platform into public beta yesterday and the team (special shout out to Miles) is already supporting our customers to make crazy discoveries, saving massive amounts of labor, on Day 0. 

🤝 Build with us 

Each week, this is where we ask you, our favorite people in the world, for help.

  • We want to fill our Template Library with Boards built by our community. If you’d like to work with our team to build the Board of your dreams–and score a spotlight in this newsletter–fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you ASAP!
  • We’re taking names for our early access list. Know someone who needs Triple Whale? Send them to this page to sign up.

📚What we’re reading

Finally, here’s what we’re reading about AI this week:

Richard Jones is Chief Revenue Officer of Wunderkind, helping brands adapt to modern trends amid any ever-evolving customer landscape. His article in Forbes talks about How AI Is Revolutionizing E-Commerce past a commodity and into a utility. 

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