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What's New In Triple Whale: November Monthly Product Updates

What's New In Triple Whale: November Monthly Product Updates

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

Welcome back! If you're reading this, you've made it through through the most hectic part of the year!

During the BFCM weekend, Triple Whale analyzed over $1 Billion in sales data from more than 11,000 shops. Our team is in the process of compiling a comprehensive report packed full of key trends, insights, and benchmarks.

Click here to get the report

In November, we rolled out a series of updates aimed at making our product more user-friendly, accessible, and customizable.

As always, you can also visit our product updates page to stay on top of the key updates each month.

Let's dive in.

Improved Pixel Setup and Installation

Setting up Triple Whale’s Pixel is now simpler and more intuitive. With our revamped Pixel settings page and enhanced onboarding sequence, you'll enjoy a smoother setup process. Key features include:

  • Comprehensive Store Setup Questionnaire
  • Detailed Instructions for Various Scenarios
  • Updated Pixel 2.1 Install Snippets

Pixel URL Testing

Testing URLs for Triple Pixel installation is now a breeze. Get instant feedback on the installation status, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Pixel URL Testing

Support for All Amazon Regions

We've expanded our reach! Triple Whale now supports all Amazon marketplaces, allowing for more comprehensive integration and global coverage.

Campaign Status Confirmation

Say goodbye to accidental changes. Our new confirmation prompts ensure that any adjustments to your campaigns are deliberate and intentional.

Campaign Status Confirmation

New Cohorts Feature

Dive deeper into your data with our "2nd Order Only" toggle in Cohort Analysis, offering focused insights on post-BFCM retargeting efforts.

Attribution Model Clarity

Choosing the right attribution model is now more straightforward, thanks to our informative, user-friendly guides.

Attribution Models

Website Refresh

Explore the refreshed Triple Whale website. The new design features a brand overhaul, clear product imagery, and engaging case studies and testimonials.

It's glorious. Shout out to our world-class design team.

New Website

That’s all for now. Have a great rest of 2023! The team has been working hard behind the scenes. We'll be back in 2024 with a ton of exciting updates.

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