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🔊Sonic Branding, How Much Is a Viral TikTok Worth, Web3, New Pod & More

🔊Sonic Branding, How Much Is a Viral TikTok Worth, Web3, New Pod & More

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June 6, 2023

👋🏼Hello wonderful Whale Mailers!

Today’s issue is sardine style (we crammed a lot in).

Starting off, we recorded our fourth State of the Whale today. These are uber fun and we really enjoy all the live viewers/questions. We host one every Thursday at 3PM ET (+5 GMT) and it is streamed live across all our social channels.

Pro-tip: If you watch on YT or FB you can comment directly on the video to submit a question to us live. How kewl?!

Next, we had the Philly Phenom & Pixel Polymath, Corey Canestrare, join us on the pod to talk all things skill acquisition, tinkering, attribution and why the Eagles are better than the Steelers ;)

Diving into our recommended reading, we have three phenomenal essays. The first is an exploration of Web3 thru the lens of Aggregation Theory. Sublime read. Ben is the man.

Next, we have a wonderful breakdown of the actual biz impact of a viral TikTok from the darling of DTC Twitter himself, Cody Plofker.

After that, we have an incredible read on Sonic Branding…cue Slack notification. If you haven’t heard (see what I did there) of Sonic Branding, don’t worry Kushaan explains everything about this often forgotten auditory frontier.

Rounding out the reading section, we have a short read on the Anheuser-Busch logo redesign and an informative Twitter thread from our friend’s over at Wonderment breaking down a School Yard Snacks post purchase email.

As always, we close with our tip, tool and fact of the week.

Have a whale of a day everyone!



Sonic Branding Viral TikTok Worth Web3 Content

Triple Whale - eCommerce Operating System

Triple Whale centralizes the metrics from all the tools you use, right into your pocket. We simplify, inform & save you time!  •  Share

🚀 New Product Updates

The team is working diligently on squashing all ze bugs 🦟and we are finalizing the implementation of our fancy new architecture.

We are now able to support $500 MM + a year stores. #LetsGo

Speaking of squashing bugs, if you don’t mind riding the lightningand want to receive access to beta features before they are released to the production build of Triple Whale, I know a guy ;)

Announcing Triple Whale Orca

This will be a less stable build than Triple Whale, but if you opt in to use Triple Whale Orca, you will be on the same build as our QA team. #HowExciting

With that being said, we understand you all have stores that want zero risk in the tech stack; that is what Triple Whale provides.

TW Orca on the other hand will be like TW’s rich, drunk Uncle; access to the latest and greatest stuff, but sometimes forgets your birthday. Weird analogy? Blame it on my allergies 🤧.

One last thing, if you are managing multiple stores, you can put one or more stores on TW Orca and keep the rest on Triple Whale.

To start the process of moving one or more of your stores to Triple Whale Orca submit your info here -> Register for Triple Whale Orca

Our Customer Success team will connect with you on next steps.

🐳 State of the Whale

Sonic Branding Viral TikTok Worth Web3 Content
🐳 State of the Whale - 004

Learn about all the exciting updates with the Pixel. New features on the roadmap and a Triple Whale University teaser.

🎙️You're Not Your ROAS

Sonic Branding Viral TikTok Worth Web3 Content
EP014 - Corey Canestrare on Why GPA Doesn't Matter & How Attribution Works

EP014 - Corey Canestrare on Why GPA Doesn't Matter & How Attribution Works

In this episode, we are joined by our in-house Attribution Expert & Philly Phenom Corey Canestrare.

He goes into how tinkering is a viable pathway to knowledge and skill acquisition. The journey he went on to acquire the technical and networking acumen he has today. Finally, he closes out with an ELI5 explanation of attribution.

Super fun pod, with a super fun human!

Follow Corey on Twitter @coreycanestrare.

🦻🏼Audio Only Version Here -> Listen Here

👩🏻‍💻 What We Are Reading?

OpenSea, Web3, and Aggregation Theory – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

OpenSea is positioned as another Aggregator, which is evidence that Web 3 is a layer on top of the Internet, not a replacement.  •  Share

We Went Viral On TikTok by Cody Plofker

Cody’s Weekly Growth Learnings - Last week we went Viral on TikTok. Not once, but a few times. Since then, it’s been nothing short of amazing.  •  Share

#47: Why Does Sonic Branding Matter? - by Kushaan Shah

Netflix, HBO, and Microsoft all have taken advantage of it to win hearts and minds - but what exactly is the importance of sonic branding?  •  Share

🎧 What We Are Listening To?

DTC 165: Muddy Bites CEO Jarod Steffes on Growing 1000% YOY By Delivering Delight and Mastering Memes

Today’s podcast is a doozy, as we chart the 1000% year-over-year growth of the category-defining, snacking sensation, Muddy Bites with founder and CEO Jarod Steffes.  •  Share

🤯 Fact of the Week

🧰 Tool of the Week

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