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Introducing Affluencer Hub - Measure ROI For Every Influencer & Affiliate

Introducing Affluencer Hub - Measure ROI For Every Influencer & Affiliate

[UPDATED SEPTEMBER 6, 2022 with Influencer Upload Link]

Many of us have been tracking influencer performance in a we're saying goodbye to the spreadsheet.

How is Affluencer Hub different than the previous Influencer tab?

Tracking and attribution

With the Affluencer Hub you can track, manage and analyze all your affluencers (influencers & affiliates) across every platform using a combination of Discount Codes, the Triple Pixel and a Post Purchase Survey (Post Purchase Survey coming very soon).

Create discount codes straight from Triple Whale

There's no need to go back and forth between a spreadsheet and Shopify. Now create discount codes in Triple Whale and they'll automatically be created in Shopify.

Seamless integration

The Affluencer Hub will automatically add a new affluencer if "influencer" or "affiliate" is included in utm_medium. After a new affluencer is added, the process of editing and adding more info is extremely intuitive.


The BEST news about the Affluencer's completely FREE for existing Triple Pixel customers. Upgrade to Affluencer Hub here. If you're not an existing Triple Pixel customer, upgrade to the Triple Pixel in August and get the Affluencer Hub for free.

Looking for a more in-depth tutorial? Voilà

If you'd rather digest your content through reading, the full knowledge base article can be found here.

Influencer Upload Link

Your influencers (and applicable affiliates) can now upload content themselves. No more cloud storage links, DMs, and other headaches! Create a link and send it to the influencer - they can upload all their content without having to create a login.

Step 1: Open up Affluencer Hub

Step 2: Click on an Influencer

Step 3: Create An Upload Link

As a reminder, Affluencer Hub is free for life by adding it in September! Click on Affluencer Hub or here to upgrade today.

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