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Creative Cockpit: The World’s First Creative Dashboard Powered by First-Party Data

Creative Cockpit: The World’s First Creative Dashboard Powered by First-Party Data

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

At Triple Whale, our mission is to empower e-commerce businesses to grow and scale. As the digital advertising landscape continues to evolve, we realize the strength and precision of ad creative is a massive key to unlocking scale and helping you grow your business.

Frankly, analyzing ad creative is messy - lots of clicking and tons of spreadsheets make it hard to visualize what ad creatives are actually working for you and your business. Our current Creative Dashboard is our most underrated feature, in our opinion. Looks like Joe Putnam agrees as well ;)

Most of our customers are obsessed with the Triple Whale Summary and Pixel, and we want to bring that same level of obsession to the Creative Dashboard. In the coming weeks, we will be launching an upgradable version of the Creative Dashboard called Creative Cockpit. Don’t you worry - if you’re an existing customer and not ready for Creative Cockpit, you’ll still have access to the Creative Dashboard you have now—and we’re 99.7% positive you’ll want everything coming with Creative Cockpit.

New Features Coming to Creative Cockpit

Custom Segments + Trend Analysis

We’ve learned a thing or two about how data visualization empowers our customers. With Creative Cockpit you’ll be able to visualize creative insights via segmentation: segment by naming conventions or manual groupings to identify what's driving performance in aggregate.

Have you ever asked yourself, do product ads or lifestyle ads perform better for my business? Is UGC content worth the investment? Do TOF (branded) ads actually drive value? Just about every e-commerce owner or marketer asks these key questions when discussing ad creative. With Creative Cockpit you’ll be able to answer those questions in real-time.

In the sample report below, we grouped our ads into 4 categories: Product, TOF, Lifestyle & UGC. We then filtered the categories by ROAS to see what was performing best over the 10-day period we selected. Voilà. Time to rock and roll on scaling that lifestyle creative!

We’re Giving Our Existing Features A Makeover

All of the existing features you love are getting a fresh new look — like…to the nth degree. We’ve heard from our whalers that you all LOVE how we’ve approached data visualization - and we brought that same goodness to our Creative Cockpit. No matter how data-nerdy your team is, the Creative Cockpit presents insights in a simple to use, easy-to-digest format. View by creative highlights, trends, your best ROAS - whatever you like. What’s better than better data? Better data that also looks pretty. ;)

Make Decisions with Ad Platform ROAS vs Triple Pixel ROAS

High-performing creative requires investing both time and money into the right assets, in addition to the right partners + employees. With Creative Cockpit insights, you’ll unlock focus for your media buying and creative teams, to ensure they’re only producing and launching the ads with the highest possible potential.

For those already using the Triple Pixel - you’ve seen the difference. Our best-in-class attribution technology provides the insights necessary to determine where to scale. Creative Cockpit visualizes that data down to the copy and creative level, so your team can focus on creating based on the most accurate buyer behavior possible.

Insights Down to the Creative ID

Want to know exactly how a creative is performing? The Creative Cockpit has your back. Evaluate the actual creative asset’s performance across multiple campaigns with enriched attribution data, so you truly know your spend, ROAS, impressions, thumbstop ratio, and costs in REAL TIME.

Detailed Video, Image & Copy Insights

With the Creative Cockpit, view rich insights based on the visual creative, copy, or combinations of image/video + copy. If you have an ad creative that’s crushing in sales, you’ll be updated in real-time, so your teams can focus on iterating and creating only top-performing content. Scaling creative output = unlocked.

Analyze on CTR, CPC & CPM Benchmarks

Trusting on-platform attribution to make creative decisions is…risky. With the Creative Cockpit, you can view Triple Pixel enriched data on CTRs, CPCs, and CPMs in order to analyze what’s most engaging and what’s not exciting your audience. If your buyers are loving a video hook or super-clicking on an awesome copy, you’ll have the insights to focus creative direction on what converts best.

Similarly - we’ve all been there. We make an awesome creative…we’re super proud of it… but it’s just not speaking to the people, and costs spike. Creative Cockpit launches your understanding to infinity and beyond, so you can stay on top of making creative tweaks ASAP. You can also quickly compare newly launched assets against your top-performers to track results in real-time.

Here’s the juice on how to action the data. Seeing crazy high CTR’s, but not a lot of purchases? Time to make tweaks to ensure only the most qualified customers are clicking on your ads. Seeing low CTR’s? It’s time to up your creative and copy game and get people excited about your product.

Review Creative on Thumb-Stop Ratio

If you aren’t analyzing creative on Thumb-Stop Ratio, let us put you on something. ThumbStop Ratio = number of 3 second views, divided by total impressions. This is what the big players (like Olly) are using as a benchmark for ad creative quality.

Thumb-Stop Ratio helps you understand which creative is doing an awesome job at grabbing your customers’ attention from the feed. The Creative Cockpit shows Thumb-Stop ratio down to the ad level with enriched Triple Pixel attribution, so you know exactly what’s most scroll-stopping for your audience.

When Can I Get Creative Cockpit? 

In Triple Whale fashion, our team is cranking to get the Creative Cockpit Beta live in the coming weeks. To get 50% OFF For Life, please submit your email here. We can’t wait for you to buckle in and take the Creative Cockpit for a spin. We also can’t wait to hear your feedback and how the Creative Cockpit is helping you spend and scale smarter.

The Creative Cockpit Early Bird Pricing will only be for existing Triple Whale + Pixel customers. If you’re not an existing Triple Whale customer, sign up today and you'll still be eligible for Early Bird Pricing.

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