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4 Things To Consider When Running Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns on Meta

4 Things To Consider When Running Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns on Meta

As the growth marketer behind my own seven-figure D2C brand, Rejuvia, I’ve been lucky to find success with Meta’s new Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.

In the past, I had run all of our paid media with Meta’s manual campaigns, but shortly after ASC+ was released, I shifted all of our Meta budget onto the new campaign format. Now, we are spending six-figures of our monthly marketing budget on ASC+ alone and have uncovered a lot of learnings to share with the broader D2C community.

In this article, I will breakdown 4 key things to consider when setting up and launching your own Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns on Meta. Let’s get started!

1. Your Creative Asset Mix

One of the most important aspects in a successful Advantage+ Campaign on Meta is the creative diversity of your campaign. It’s key to include as many unique types of assets as you can – this gives the AI a really strong base to learn and optimize against. The more customer personas you can speak to on social platforms, the more acquisition opportunities you give your D2C brand.  

The more unique ads, landing pages and creative angles you have in your Advantage+ Campaign, the more personas you can effectively speak to and acquire as customers. You can also add dynamic creative assets into your ASC and enable the Advantage+ Creative setting.

2. Existing Customer Budget Caps

Another new feature of Meta’s new Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns is the ability to set a cap on the percent of budget spent against existing customers. In the backend of your ad account, you’ll be able to select the source in which existing customers are identified – this can be a pixel-based audience, a list upload or via an integration like Klaviyo

It’s critical to note that Advantage+ Campaigns have been seen to over-deliver to existing customers and existing users in your funnel – this is something you really need to keep an eye on as you allocate budget towards these campaigns. 

To do so, you can leverage the Triple Whale’s Pixel, Dashboards and custom Attribution Views to further understand which campaigns are driving net new customers to your D2C brand and which campaigns are driving returning customers back to your store.

While you can toggle the percent of budget spent on existing customers in your Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, it is always important to keep an eye on what’s really going on with your campaign performance via Triple Whale.

3. Ad Count Per Campaign

It’s important to get a solid understanding of how many ads per campaign is best for your D2C brand’s ad account. While Meta says that you are able to run up to 150 unique ads per Advantage+ Shopping Campaign, it’s always best to test the waters yourself and see what drives the best performance for your brand.

Generally, I have found strong success when I run 5-8 ads per campaign. Each campaign will act as its own mini-funnel and I use up to 8 ads per campaign to ensure that I have enough unique messaging to speak to customers at every point in the funnel. For example, I’ll have 3 ads that would appeal to a customer who hasn’t heard of our brand before, 3 that have heard of our brand before and 2 that are focused on converting customers who are ready to purchase. 

4. Attribution Settings On Your Campaigns

The last thing to consider when building out your Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns is the attribution setting you select. Like with Meta’s Manual Campaigns, you can select between the following: 1-day click, 7-day click, 1-day click and 1-day view, 7-day click and 1-day view. It’s important to select the setting that best aligns with your D2C brand’s goal for the campaign.

I personally run all of my Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns on 7-day click attribution. I’ve found that excluding view-through attribution has helped Meta optimize against better data and helps me get a clearer picture of performance in my Triple Whale Dashboards.

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