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Yotpo x Triple Whale for SMS + Email Marketing Magic

Yotpo x Triple Whale for SMS + Email Marketing Magic


When’s the last time you left home without your smartphone (and how’d that go for you)? 

In the United States alone, there were over 307 million smartphone users in 2022, with 85% of American adults carrying them around like a lifeline. With 47% of web traffic in the USA originating from mobile devices, it’s very clear that people are comfortable browsing online versus on a desktop or laptop computer.

For several years now, DTC brands have made considerable effort to optimize their websites for mobile browsing. With the volume of sales on mobile devices expected to hit $620.97 billion by 2024, this is with good reason. A poor site design could mean the difference between a sale and an abandoned cart. As the amount of customers checking out on mobile devices continues to climb, the marketing efforts should target those customers in effective ways to meet them where they already are: staring at their phones. 

Yotpo is a leader in the SMS & Email marketing space, helping brands craft unbeatable SMS and email experiences for the ever-growing number of mobile shoppers. By creating personalized SMS campaigns and flows, Yotpo uses meaningful mobile messaging to keep customers coming back. With the ability to track every SMS and email engagement, the real-time analytics can help DTC brand owners optimize their marketing efforts for maximum results. And by integrating these metrics directly into Triple Whale, brand owners can have a comprehensive view of how their SMS and Email campaigns fit into their marketing strategy as a whole.

With the Yotpo x Triple Whale integration, you can: 

  • Track performance of SMS and email campaigns, including: amount of messages sent, received, and unsubscribes 
  • Important metrics like click through rate (CTR), average order rate (AOV), spend, and revenue 
  • Filter the metrics by SMS, email, campaign, or flows
  • Track metrics in Triple Pixel by utilizing Triple Whale’s first-party data, including new customer purchases, conversion value, AOV, profit, unique visitors, and more

The Benefits of an SMS/Email Marketing Platform

In a survey, Yotpo discovered that 24% of consumers prefer to receive communications from a brand via both SMS and Email (versus one or the other). It’s a common misconception that you’d be duplicating your marketing efforts by sending both SMS and Email messages, but the truth is that they work better together.

A well-crafted SMS/Email campaign set can:

  1. Boost customer engagement: With 90% of text messages read within 3 minutes, SMS messages drive 8x higher engagement rates. Since many customers lament that their email inboxes are overflowing, targeted campaigns (through segmentation and flows) can help you to address the unique needs of each cohort for better engagement.
  2. Improve customer loyalty: Deeper connections with customers helps foster trust and turns interested shoppers into loyal customers. Using SMS is a great way to drive the success of loyalty programs - rewarding customers with exclusive perks for signing up or information about their reward level can keep them interested. 
  3. Increase conversion rates: SMS has a 12% higher conversion rate than other channels. By sending customers a text message featuring products that are tailored directly to their interests and buying behavior, brands can maximize the chance that customers will complete another purchase. 
  4. Maximize ROI: The more targeted and personalized communications are, the higher the ROI. Brands that use targeted SMS flows enjoy a 4x higher return on investment
  5. Drive customer retention/increase lifetime value (LTV): Personalized and targeted email marketing campaigns help build strong relationships with both potential and existing customers, so long as they utilize what you know about customer preferences and continue to optimize messaging based on that information. As SMS has higher engagement and conversion rates than most channels, brands have a unique opportunity to create strong customer relationships that add more value to the bottom line. 

How Does the Yotpo x Triple Whale Integration Work? 

Once the integration is set up, Triple Whale will pull the important metrics from your Yotpo SMS & Email campaign performance directly into your Summary page, featuring:

Unsubscribes: Shows the amount of unsubscribes in the chosen time frame

Sent: Amount of SMS sent

Received: Amount of SMSs received by contacts

CTR: Click through rate

AOV: Average order value generated by Yotpo SMS + Email

Spend: Amount spent on Yotpo SMS + Email campaigns

Revenue: Amount of revenue generated from Yotpo SMS + Email campaigns

To further segment these metrics for better insights, you can create summary tiles that are filtered based on specific SMS campaigns, email campaigns, or flows. 

Yotpo 🤝 Pixel = Attribution Clarity

Everything's better with a little first-party data sprinkled in. 

When you integrate Yotpo SMS + Email with Triple Whale, you’ll be able to more deeply understand the following success metrics with the first-party data generated from Pixel:


New Customer Purchases

Conversion Value

New Customer Value




Unique Visitors

NV - New Visitors

Email Sign Up

ATC - (Add To Cart)

Conversion Rate

With these metrics at your fingertips, in combination with the rest of the data tracked in Triple Whale, you’ll be able to see a full picture of customer touchpoints, maximize conversion, and increase retention with the Yotpo SMS + Email integration. 

Triple Whale features 7 attribution models you can use to analyze the data collected with Pixel:

First Click: gives full credit to the first ad clicked in the customer journey

Last Click: gives full credit to the last ad clicked in the customer journey

Total Impact: uses first-party Pixel data, post-purchase survey data, and a proprietary algorithm to assign credit

Triple Attribution: assigns 100% order credit to the last ad click per ad channel

Triple Attribution + FB Views: combines Pixel attributed orders with Facebook’s reported view-through conversions and conversion value provided by the Facebook API

Linear (paid channels only): assigns equal conversion value credit split evenly across every source, channel, adset, and ad that Triple Whale tracked in the customer journey

Linear (all): credit (conversion value and orders) is divided equally amongst any channels or sources that had a touchpoint (click) in the customer’s journey

Which model you choose will depend on your customer journey - some businesses can expect a long period between first click and purchase (when shopping for furniture, for example), or some may be short. This article in our knowledge base details how each model works so you can decide which is best for you, but most brands can gain some intel from several models interchangeably!


Let's wrap it up, shall we? With the Yotpo SMS & Email integration, you're crafting personalized SMS and Email campaigns that truly resonate with your customers, boosting loyalty, and driving those oh-so-important conversions. And, guess what? You have the metrics to prove it. With all the data at your fingertips, you can optimize, analyze, and strategize to maximize ROI and build community with your customers. 

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re already a Yotpo SMS + Email user, click here to integrate with Triple Whale.  

Still need to sign up for an amazing SMS + Email marketing platform? Click here to get started with Yotpo. 

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