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Revolutionize Influencer Marketing: Optimize Video Shopping to Elevate Customer Engagement

Revolutionize Influencer Marketing: Optimize Video Shopping to Elevate Customer Engagement

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

What is video shopping? To put it simply, video shopping is a process through which you can buy products or services by directly engaging with a video. Providing this immersive experience allows your viewers to effortlessly browse through or purchase products. Furthermore, video shopping is a highly effective method that brings viewers the interactive elements of an in-store shopping experience. Not only does this method provide functionality and convenience, but it creates a captivating user experience. 

Additionally, this approach allows e-commerce retailers to enhance conversions, seeing as the purchase process is rather quick and simplified. Shoppable features on videos enable customers to complete a purchase just by clicking on a link that leads them directly to the check-out page or product page. The quick transition from browsing products to purchasing has proven to be greatly influential over brands' conversion rates, sales, and user engagement.

How to Add Shoppable Videos to Your Site

Firstly, you will want to produce your shoppable video. For this, you could use in-house video production, user-generated content, or influencer marketing. If you are creating your own video, make sure that it is made up of highly engaging content that will interest your audience.

Secondly, to actually add shoppable videos to your site, you can utilize a third-party platform that sells a video embedding tool for your Ecommerce business. These shoppable video platforms offer your brand a seamless way to integrate shoppable videos on your product page, landing page, or homepage. As a result, it streamlines your users' shopping experience from ad to check out and enhances their engagement. Furthermore, these platforms offer your brand multiple features that encourage interactions by allowing you to embed links of products being featured in the video. When viewers click these links, they will be redirected to another page on your website where they can make a purchase or browse for more information.

Finally, to gain more attraction, you can advertise your shoppable videos on not just your website but other media platforms your brand uses. This will encourage more user engagement and evidently boost conversions.

What is Live Shopping?

Live shopping works similarly to video shopping, except that it takes place in real time. This method of digital shopping allows customers to shop online during a live stream. How does this work exactly? Well, during these live sessions, the person hosting the live displays different products and their features while simultaneously engaging with their viewers via comments and likes. 

During these lives, the host can demonstrate how the product works, share their insights and answer any additional questions viewers may have on the product. To purchase these items directly on the live stream, customers can click on a link that will take them directly to the check-out page, where they can view the product or buy it. This approach has become so widely used as a result of the pandemic that there is an estimated probability of live-commerce sales to amount to 10% to 20% of all ECommerce sales by 2026.

How Does Video Commerce Create Value?

Enhanced engagement

The combination of a visual and auditory shopping experience on your device easily captivates a viewer's attention and increases the time they spend watching or browsing your products. Since videos can depict a story in more depth with these visual and auditory elements, they easily resonate emotionally with their customers by displaying their values and goals accurately. The more viewers feel connected to a brand, the more they will engage with it.

Moreover, viewers are able to watch live videos 3 times longer than a prerecorded video, which undeniably increases customer engagement due to longer time spent viewing or interacting with products. To further prove how important it is to incorporate shoppable videos, consider that consumers are 4x more likely to view a product video than to read a description of it.

Increased conversions

Video commerce creates a very entertaining and immersive experience for shoppers, hence influencing their purchase decisions due to offering valuable information. Not only do these shoppable videos keep users engaged for a longer period, but they also make the purchase process so quick and easy that it reduces customer dwell time and increases sales. The more trust you build for your customers, simultaneously, you will boost your conversions.

Authenticity & Transparency

Shoppable videos allow users to view your products in action by having someone showcase how they can be used or giving an in-depth analysis of the product. Offering this kind of transparency builds credibility and encourages other potential buyers to engage with your brand and products. 

It is crucial that your ECommerce brand is authentic, as users like to feel assured in their purchase and have their expectations met when receiving the product. Offering your viewers an authentic and transparent ECommerce shopping experience, builds user trust and confidence in your brand.

Using Video Shopping in Influencer Marketing

The personal endorsement of an influencer in the form of a shoppable video offers your brand and its potential customers a dynamic presentation of your products by creating authentic and genuine content. In comparison to traditional marketing, this interactive method of displaying your brand's values with an original and personal assessment presented by an influencer, generates a far more captivating experience for customers. The combination of video commerce and influencer marketing capitalizes on dynamic content in order to provide a convincing and persuasive shopping journey.

As an influencer, you must strategize how you can bring compelling material to your audience and generate sales for the brand. By doing affiliate marketing, you are able to generate substantial revenue and increase your reach in order to grow your own account and attain more engagement and followers. How can you plan and succeed in video shopping as an influencer? Have a look at our 5-step guide to begin your influencer marketing journey in the field of video shopping content.

1. Product & Market Research

Image by storyset on Freepik

Firstly, you will begin to conduct extensive product and market research in order to establish that the niche you have chosen as an influencer aligns with the product you want to showcase. Your goal as an influencer is to generate sales or conversions for the brand, and perhaps even increase user engagement with your own profile. For this reason, it is vital that you partner with a company that offers a product or service which will resonate with your audience. Trends, for example, can be one of the many topics you will need to research to attain optimal success in your partnership. 

As an influencer or a brand, you always want to be up-to-date with new and upcoming trends so that you develop a community of loyal followers. Sometimes an ECommerce site may not necessarily be caught up with new trends, therefore, having an influencer create video shopping content for them is a great tactic for establishing new trends and participating in them with fewer expenses.

2. Produce high-quality content

To grasp your user's attention and hold it for a longer period of time, you must develop compelling and high-quality shoppable video content. Brands collaborate with influencers to offer their viewers this type of quality and engaging material. 

However, as an influencer, you need to highlight the important features of a product, display its benefits, and give your own personal insights or feedback while producing this visually appealing video shopping experience. Additionally, you may collaborate with another influencer to further expand your audience reach and leverage their skills to develop social proof.

3. Authenticity is key

Be as transparent as you possibly can be when creating your shoppable video. Authenticity is key in influencer marketing, as it attracts more customers by building trust via producing a genuine and organic customer journey. 

It is essential that you as an influencer believe in the product you are promoting in your shoppable video so that your authentic review is relatable to your audience. By being open and transparent, you will successfully make your viewers feel more inclined to consider purchasing the products in your commerce live or video.

4. Engage your viewers

There are plenty of interesting methods you can apply to engage with your viewers and encourage interaction. Some of these methods include hashtags, Q&A sessions, and responding to comments in real-time or on pre-recorded videos. 

As an influencer, you can incentivise your audience to engage by creating UGC, participating through the use of hashtags, or by encouraging them to join a contest and giveaway. Furthermore, by creating shareable content, you can encourage your viewers to share the shoppable video with their friends and followers.

5. Simplify purchase process

Adding links or tags to your ECommerce video, serve as perfect features to simplify a user's purchasing process. While viewers are watching the live or video, they can be redirected to your brand's website by clicking these integrated shoppable links or tags. 

Having a quick and easy transition from watching a video or participating in a live, to your ECommerce site, creates a seamless switch from a user's interest in your product to them making a purchase.


Optimizing user engagement through influencer-driven shoppable videos is a highly effective method to enhance your brand's user engagement and offer your audience an immersive shopping journey. By creating a shoppable video, using a video embedding platform, and promoting these videos, you will utilize the popularity of video shopping to boost your sales. Influencer marketing combined with video shopping generates value by offering your customers authenticity and transparency, while concurrently increasing your conversions and enhancing the user experience. 

To create compelling videos, an influencer can follow five strategic steps; conduct research, craft valuable content, apply different engagement methods, be authentic, and reduce the required clicks to be made to make a purchase. Now that you have understood how to leverage influencer marketing via shoppable videos or live shopping, you can get started on developing your brand’s new marketing strategy.

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