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Increase Q4 Performance with Multi Funnel Testing and AI-Based CRO

Increase Q4 Performance with Multi Funnel Testing and AI-Based CRO

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

Here it is: the ultimate Q4 CRO Masterclass that is guaranteed to boost your Conversions & Average-Order-Value

IF implemented right.  

These strategies have been proven to work across a bandwidth of our own portfolio of D2C-brands and over 64+ clients.


Let's focus on the main goal for this Quarter: Improve Ad performance and make more profit. We want to get the most out of our ad budget.

To clarify before you start reading: this article is focused on how you can boost your conversions and Average-Order-Value through improving website performance.

I’ll have other experts explain what you can do to improve ad performance with media buying, attribution and creatives.


Let’s get started:

Here’s how you can increase Q4 Performance with Multi Funnel Testing and AI-Based CRO (Conversion-Rate-Optimization)

Multi Funnel Testing is the most efficient way to improve your marketing funnel's performance.

By setting up multiple funnels and combining it with an enterprise testing software, you can have AI analyze performance and automatically allocate traffic to the best-performing variant in real-time.

This ensures that your advertising budget is always operating at peak efficiency. This strategy will be able to handle any traffic surge and convert as many visitors into customers as possible.

How To Set Up Multi-Funnel-Testing

You need to have these 3 tools in your stack:

  1. A real-time attribution tool: Triple Whale
  2. A conversion tracking tool: Google Analytics
  3. An Enterprise Testing Tool: Kameleoon


Multi Funnel Testing Content

Triple Whale is there to help you make accurate decisions about your data at the most critical point of the year, BFCM


  1. Google Analytics for tracking conversion data.
  2. Enterprise Testing Too: Kameleoon for setting up the testing strategy and traffic allocation.

This will allow you to split traffic between different versions of your funnel and measure the results. To help you understand this better, let’s take a look at the example below:

Multi Funnel Testing Content

Let’s break down the example scenario described:

  • Funnel 1 is performing at 5% CVR (Conversion-Rate) with $80 AOV (Average-Order-Value).
  • Funnel 2 is performing at 6% CVR at $95 AOV
  • Funnel 3 is performing at  6% CVR with an $80 AOV.

Based on this you will want to have all of the traffic allocated to the second Funnel, which is performing at the highest CVR and AOV.

Multi Funnel Testing Content


How To Boost Average-Order-Value

Now… Let’s talk about boosting Average-Order-Value.

This is essential to increase Revenue-Per-User and therefore your Profits. We want to treat CVR and AOV equally. Only in combination they form a killer-combo.

So, here’s an overview of where you can boost your AOV:

Multi Funnel Testing Content

I’ll show you the examples now for how to do it on the individual pages.

Product Page

Multi Funnel Testing Content

Here’s some examples of upsells and cross sells executed perfectly well by Obvi & Bleame.


Obvi cross-sells in the popular amazon style “Frequently Bought Together“.

This is great for multiple reasons, it establishes trust, safety and provides clarity to the offer. Reason being is, it utilizes the same UI for the upsell that Amazon uses.


Bleame presents its customers with a visually appealing “bundle & save” section, that breaks down price points and makes it more appealing to buy higher quantities of the same product.

After Add-to-Cart

After your prospects add the product to cart, you want to present them with a pop up that includes an offer.

BUT.. A lot of brand owners get this wrong.

So I’m about to give you the SECRET SAUCE that will supercharge your upsells.

Are you ready?

You want to future-pace them on a combination of products that complement each other perfectly.

E.g. If you sell skincare, you can future-pace them on building a routine of multiple products to get the best results possible. See here:

Multi Funnel Testing Content


In the Cart there are multiple ways of getting your prospects to spend more.

One way is to showcase a progress bar that gamifies the whole process. You can present customers with multiple products that they can unlock when they spend more. It’s an incredibly well executed strategy that encourages customers to add more items to cart to unlock more rewards.

What you also want to do is present a cross-sell by cleverly framing the offer through a personalized message that speaks directly to the customers.

Multi Funnel Testing Content


Checkout Upsells are another powerful way to present an offer before they complete the purchase.

Here’s how you can do that:

Multi Funnel Testing Content

Confirmation Page

At this step the prospect has become a customer and has a HUGE dopamine rush. They feel amazing and happy that  they made the purchase and are more inclined to buy from you again since the dopamine levels are at its peak.

You can take advantage of that by offering them a Post Purchase Upsell as well as a downsell in case they refuse your main upsell offer.

Offering customers a downsell offer is a great way to generate extra revenue by offering a higher priced item and then a cheaper alternative in case they turn down the first option.

A lot of business owners just focus on a single upsell and once the customers refuse it, they end up missing a huge opportunity to strike another sale from extremely motivated customers as they have already  bought an item and most likely still have their wallet or card out. The moment you present a great product that compliments the main item purchased, customers are more likely to give you their hard earned money a lot easier.

Example: If you were to sell a bouquet of flowers, you can create a post-purchase upsell that offers a vase of let say $50 and in case they turn that offer down, you can immediately present your downsell offer of a cheaper lower quality vase for $25.

Now that customers are presented with an expensive product that acts as the anchor, the higher pricing establishes a frame of reference and decision makers base their choice around the anchor of $50. This is the power downsells have when framed right.

How You Can Apply This Now

Let me conclude all of this information for you, so you know exactly what to do next to get the most out of this Q4.

First: You want to set up multiple funnels with different offers and upsells.

Multi Funnel Testing Content

Second: Then you want to push them live, run tests and allocate all of the traffic to the best-performing one in real-time.

Multi Funnel Testing Content

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