YouTube Spy Tool, Efficacy of Discounting, Tips to Reduce Churn & More
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June 6, 2023

YouTube Spy Tool, Efficacy of Discounting, Tips to Reduce Churn & More

👋 Happy Thursday fellow Whale Mailer!

In this issue we have a plethora of twitter threads, a stellar pod, a new integration, a mind expanding essay, a YouTube spy tool, a new You’re Not Your ROAS and more.

Ok let’s dive in (see what I did there…).

We start with a slick addition to our integrations entourage. Please welcome ShipStation to the Triple family. Easily connect your ShipStation account to have almost realtime Net Profit.

Moving on we had a blast with the DTC Dark Horse and Collagen Commando, Ash Melwani of Obvi. He went into his creative testing strategy, how Obvi was started, how important communities are and why food in London is so awesome.

Ash is legit. Totes worth the price of admission. Also a super fun follow on the bird app.

Next, in our recommended reads section we have a unique exploration on the data overload we are now experiencing by Benedict Evans.

Finally, I hit you with a three piece and soda (anyone get this reference?). I included three epic threads from the bird app. One on the efficacy of discounting by Dr. DTC Dave.

Then a fantastic thread about going from bootstrapped to the moon by the founder of Cuts.

Rounding out the trifecta of awesome is a thread by Eli Weiss on how Olipop keeps churn so low.

As always, we have the tip, tool and fact of the week at the end.

Have a whale of a day and thanks for being so awesome.



Efficacy Of Discounting, Reduce Churn Content

Confidently Know Your Ad Profitability

Triple Pixel gives you more than just first/last-click attribution. Our server-side pixel tracks all your first-party data to help increase your ROI on ad spend.  •  Share

🚀 New Product Updates

Efficacy Of Discounting, Reduce Churn Content

📦New ShipStation Integration is Live -

Our ShipStation integration is live! That’s right folks, if you use ShipStation you can now connect it in the Integrations tab and have your shipping + handling imported automatically costs again.

Pretty sweet.

Don’t worry if you don’t use ShipStation you can still import all your shipping costs manually and we have more shipping integrations coming soon. #PatienceGrasshopper

🎙️You're Not Your ROAS

Efficacy Of Discounting, Reduce Churn Content

📺 EP008 - You're No Your ROAS

Ash Melwani comes on the pod to drop serious heat. He goes into how he built Obvi into a massive DTC Darling. The product development, the creative process, how he scales campaigns and food in London.  •  Share

🦻EP008 - Audio Only Version

Here is the audio only version if YouTubes ain’t your thang :)  •  Share

👩🏻‍💻 What we are reading?

Stepping out of the firehose — Benedict Evans

But really, it reflects that there are now close to 5bn people with a smartphone, and all of us are online and saying and doing things, and you will never be able to read everything ever again.  •  Share

Bonus addition from Ryan Hoover. So good. Had to share :)

🎧 What we are listening to?

eCommerceFuel Founder on Work-Life Balance, Priorities

Andrew Youderian is the founder and CEO of eCommerceFuel, a leading online community of established store owners.  •  Share

🤯 Fact of the Week

🧰 Tool of the Week

Haven’t tried it, but VidTao looks pretty dope. Anyone else used it?

How to “Spy” on Your Competitors’ YouTube Ads

Your YouTube ad creative is the single biggest factor when it comes to succeeding with YouTube ads.  •  Share

🦸🏼‍♀️ Tip of the Week

Efficacy Of Discounting Reduce Churn Content

About the Author

Rabah Rahil

Live in Austin. Ride a @BoostedBoards. CMO at @TryTripleWhale. Marketing, Tech, Outdoors, Photography, Webdev and Stoicism.

Rabah Rahil

Live in Austin. Ride a @BoostedBoards. CMO at @TryTripleWhale. Marketing, Tech, Outdoors, Photography, Webdev and Stoicism.

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