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Optimizing Customer Acquisition Through Strategic Offer Testing

Optimizing Customer Acquisition Through Strategic Offer Testing

Last Updated:  
May 23, 2024

In the competitive world of ecommerce, customer acquisition is essential for growth. At Levitate Foundry, we believe that attracting new customers is just the beginning. The true challenge lies in doing so profitably. This requires strategic testing of various customer acquisition cost (CAC) offers and using data analytics to guide our decisions.

Understanding the Importance of CAC

CAC represents the cost of converting a prospect into a paying customer. Managing and lowering CAC while maintaining high-quality customer leads is a critical part of a successful marketing strategy. To optimize CAC, we experiment with different promotional offers such as Buy One Get One (BOGO), percentage discounts, and gifts with purchase (GWP). Each offer has a unique impact on customer behavior, and it’s important to understand these nuances to make informed decisions.

Types of CAC Offers We Test

  1. BOGO: This offer entices customers by providing an additional product for free or at a discounted rate, encouraging larger purchases.
  2. % Off: Offering a direct discount on products makes them more attractive to potential buyers, driving up sales volume.
  3. $ Off: Similar to offering a percentage discount, we test different positioning with a dollar amount to see if that performs any better.
  4. GWP: Adding value by including a free gift with a purchase incentivizes customers to buy more, often enhancing the perceived value of the purchase.
  5. Tiered Discounts: spend more, save more, designed to drive average order value up
  6. Bundle Offer: Bundle complimentary products into a set which offers a small discount as an incentive. This can be especially beneficial because the more variety of products you get into the hands of a new customer, the more likely they are to find something they like and want to repurchase. 

Using Data Analytics to Drive Decisions

To effectively analyze the performance of these offers, we use advanced data analytics tools. Triple Whale, for instance, provides comprehensive insights into the effectiveness of each promotional strategy, helping us to optimize our campaigns based on real data.

  • Analyzing New Customer ROAS: Return on Ad Spend for new customers is a vital metric. By tracking this, we can determine which offers are not only driving traffic but also converting into revenue. Comparing ROAS across BOGO, % Off, and GWP promotions helps us understand which strategies are most effective.
  • Evaluating Profitability: Beyond ROAS, it’s important to consider overall profitability. This includes assessing the costs associated with each promotion, such as the additional cost of the free item in a BOGO offer or the impact of reduced margins with discounts. A holistic view of profitability ensures that a high ROAS translates into sustainable profits.
  • Segmentation and Cohort Analysis: Understanding customer behavior over time is crucial. By segmenting customers and analyzing their purchasing patterns, we can see how different offers impact long-term value and repeat purchase rates. For example, customers acquired through a GWP promotion might show higher loyalty compared to those attracted by a one-time discount.

Real-World Application: A Case Study

In a recent campaign, we tested several different offers:

  • BOGO: This offer drove high initial sales but resulted in a higher CAC due to the cost of providing an additional product.
  • % Off: Attracted a broad audience with a lower CAC, though overall profit margins were slightly reduced.
  • GWP: Balanced well between driving sales and maintaining healthy profit margins, with customers showing higher repeat purchase rates.

Using Triple Whale, we analyzed the New Customer ROAS and profitability metrics for each offer. The data showed that while BOGO had the highest initial ROAS, the GWP offer led to the highest overall profitability and customer retention. Based on these insights, we shifted more of our budget towards GWP promotions, enhancing our customer acquisition strategy.


Optimizing customer acquisition is about more than just bringing in new customers; it's about doing so in a way that drives long-term profitability and loyalty. By testing various CAC offers and leveraging detailed analytics, we can make informed, strategic decisions that benefit our bottom line. At Levitate Foundry, our approach combines creativity with data-driven insights to refine our customer acquisition strategies continuously, ensuring sustainable growth in an ever-changing market.

For brands looking to refine their customer acquisition methods, the key lies in thorough analysis and strategic offer testing. This approach not only helps lower CAC but also maximizes the lifetime value of each customer, leading to a more robust and profitable business.

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