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How 5 Triple Whale Brands are Advertising for Black Friday (and what we love about them)

How 5 Triple Whale Brands are Advertising for Black Friday (and what we love about them)

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

Hey, make sure you take a tryptophan-induced nap tonight so you’re ready for the biggest sales period of the year, kicking off with Black Friday. Many brands are already running ads (seems the sales come earlier and earlier each year), trying to attract both new customers as well as the loyal members of their community. 

Some brands go at it alone; running multiple ads on multiple platforms, trying to keep track of them all individually, hoping for the best. But these brands? These brands are running multiple ads on multiple platforms and keeping track of it all right on Triple Whale, and if they’re extra savvy, they’ve got the Triple Whale App installed directly on their phones. 

In this short article, we’ll take a look at the ads 5 different Triple Whale customers are running and break down what we like most about them. Perhaps, if you’ve got time between the 12:30pm kickoff and pumpkin pie, you can make some adjustments to your own ads to own BFCM this year! 

1. True Classic

Always funny, always on point - that’s True Classic. What we like most:

  • Use of meme: 10/10
  • Specifically targeting gift-givers (women giving to their husbands)
  • Killer offer (70% off? I’d probably slide off the highway for that deal, too)
  • “While supplies last” implies there’s not much time to get in on that deal, providing just the right amount of urgency without being annoying

2. Portland Leather Goods

Hey, everyone can use a leather bag or a wallet. What we like about this one:

  • Very happy model
  • Referring to the sale as madness and having a steep up to 70% off offer
  • Creating urgency with the clock emojis

3. Doe Lashes

Doe Lashes knows their target demographic, and they love explainer videos from TikTok. 

  • Video is informative, shows off the product, and is presented in an accessible way
  • Great deal with useful free giveaway!
  • Time-sensitive offer to create urgency

4. Subtl Beauty

This ad features a cat, so it’s already #1 in my books.

  • Uncomplicated offer and minimal text
  • ASMR video featuring some quality analog content (handwriting - the ancient art)
  • Video displays just how compact the product stack is, which is one of their product benefits

5. MaryRuth’s Organics

  • Love the flex of 1 bottle sold every 5 seconds - it’s popular, and a curious consumer will want to know why
  • Attractive colors that make a splash
  • Clear display of the product itself
  • Simple CTA


Black Friday is a time when brands compete fiercely to attract consumers, and these five brands have truly understood the art of crafting compelling, unique, and effective ads. Through their use of humor, time-sensitive offers, clear and strong CTAs, exciting deals, and engaging content, they've brilliantly leveraged the marketing power of Triple Whale. These examples provide ample inspiration for other brands looking to optimize their advertising efforts. As the holiday season moves into full swing, let's keep an eye on these brands to see how they continue to engage and delight customers with their Black Friday marketing prowess. Happy shopping and selling, everyone!

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