Creative Analysis

Saunder dives into his favorite Triple Whale product, the Creative Cockpit. In this lesson, you'll learn how to use Creative Cockpit to analyze top performing creatives, assess trends, and more.

Basic Metrics & Benchmarks

Hi, I'm Saunder with Triple Whale. I'm excited to dive into one of my favorite products, the Creative Cockpit. The reason I love the Creative Cockpit is because it gives you a quick visual of all of your top performing creatives, trends, analysis. So let's dive in and get into it.

So the first thing is you can switch between all sorts of different metrics based on the creative selected below.

So we can look at in Platform ROAS versus Pixel ROAS. If this is too busy for you, you can choose a different look, that just gives you a much better comparison view. I love this trend view as we get more into segment, so we'll dive into that.

But as we continue to scroll down, you can see different benchmark data. So as you hover over your average Pixel ROAS, it just helps you understand what creatives are working, what are above average, highlighted here in the different colors, as well as CPMs click through rates.

Pixel vs. Platform Metrics

And then here's all the great metrics that you can load. So as we click over in columns, you can add even more incredible metrics, both within Platform as well as within the Pixel. So I think Pixel purchases are important to add. I love the thumb stop ratio, so we'll add that. And just to make it so it's not as busy, we'll just leave it there. But just helps give you some great insights.

So it gives you some great insights, you can see all the different Triple Whale metrics as well as Facebook metrics. You can also come in here and filter by, let's say we wanted to look at our top performing ROAS by Facebook ROAS. We can come in here and just see a quick comparison. So interesting to see the Facebook ROAS versus the Pixel ROAS of a 5.43 versus a zero. Let's see if we can find a good one. Here's a good one where we're seeing a 1.78 ROAS in Facebook and a 1.69 in the Triple ROAS.

So you can go through any metric you want here. If you wanted to look at Pixel ROAS, we have that. It defaults to add spend so you can see where most of your budget is going and how that's actually performing, which I think is a great place to start.

And so where I'm going to look next is let's look at the different segments. So let's say a lot of us wonder what's performing better. Is UGC content performing better? Is video performing better? Static? Carousel? What we can actually do is create different segments that will group all of that creative together to help us better understand what creative type is performing better over time.

Segment Analysis

So let's just create one that's UGC here, and I'm going to put UGC in the title. Ad name contains, UGC. So we just added that. This is still pulling in our creatives here. So what we need to do is select Segments and then we need to filter by segments.

So here's our new UGC one that we just created. I'm going to include two other segments that we have created just so we can get a better comparison here. And since that looks a little messy, I'm just going to turn everything onto the same metric. And so then this just helps us understand over the last month what was performing better.

So interesting enough, we can see towards the end of the month our UGC content, or our old content, just skyrocketed. So yeah, this just helps us better understand what's performing over time and you can easily... Maybe old, we want to exclude, so then we can just get a quick comparison to see what's actually performing here. So super phenomenal to answer some of those questions.

You can also filter your creative right within here. So I'm just going to go back to Creatives. I'm going to just click on Video and this will now only show me my video creatives that I'm running on Facebook. And so once again, here's the different trends. We can look at this view to see what's performing, and then as we scroll down, here are all of those. And then we can show them in the graph and pull them in.

Creative Highlights

And then one of the cool features that we've also added to Creative Cockpit, a lot of times maybe a Creative Director is asking us what creative is performing or someone else within the organization. We have this new Creative Highlights that you can click and just get a quick snapshot to see what creative is for performing by different metrics.

So here we have ROAS, Pixel ROAS purchases. What I like to use this section for are to better understand what themes are working. So you can see here it tends to be different UGC content. This same ad is one of the top performing ones. And so it just helps me understand maybe more creative that we should be creating or empowering our Creative Director with or agency or whoever it is, with these types of pieces of content.

So yeah, the Creative Cockpit is just a powerful way to understand what creative is performing, what's working, what we should be investing more and more in. And we're super excited to bring this Creative Cockpit to you.

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