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Daniel Okon


Learn how Daniel uses Triple Whale to gain unmatched clarity into net profit.


(00:00) If you are a brand owner or a marketer and you don't have Triple Whale, what are you doing? What platform lets me look at everything at once that's pinned? All the important information here, all of my data that I need to know from my paid ads, that's actually accurate. And then help me see the paid performance.

(00:22) And this thing right here, net profit. This is the most. The biggest thing is we want to look at the numbers and see if we're profitable. That is the thing that we look at. So Net Profit and Margin or, or our North Star, and there's no other place we can look at that information other than Triple Whale. We used to have to piece everything together.

(00:44) Now we have it all in one place. We can look at that data, understand how much we can scale what we need to pull back so we can hit the numbers we want to hit.

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More testimonials