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Domenic Iandolo

Founder & CEO

Learn how Dom uses Triple Whale to bring the accuracy back into ad tracking.


(00:00) What's going on, ladies and gentlemen, I wanted to give a special shout to our team over at Triple Whale for being able to bring in the accuracy back into ad tracking, and it has helped our agency significantly because if we were just completely relying off of our dashboards inside of Facebook or TikTok, or Google, we would basically be running our ads blind.

(00:17) And so, I know our team of media buyers is. Super reliant and just honestly grateful from the bottom of our hearts for the team over our Triple Whale and what they're doing for e-commerce brands, for agencies, everybody that is basically trying to scale up their brands and not only do they help with the accuracy within your ad tracking, but it makes it so much easier to utilize Triple Whale for their creative cockpit as well too, because now we're able to actually see what copy and ad creatives are actually converting in real time.

(00:42) So, in combination with the ad tracking and seeing what creatives and copy is working. It just makes our lives so much easier as marketers. So thank you so much Trip Whale for everything that you guys do. And if you're an e-commerce brand owner, or you're an agency that is trying to scale your clients' brands like we are at our agency, I highly recommend checking out Trip Whale today.

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