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Ray Li


Learn how Ray uses Triple Whale to make quicker decisions with more confidence.


(00:00) Hey, what's up guys? My name is Ray. I'm the co-founder and CEO of Sene. We make sizeless clothing using ai. I've been using Triple Whale for over a year, and I cannot believe I didn't start using it sooner. This tool is incredible. It is truly the ultimate marketing insights tool. You can make marketing decisions quicker with more confidence and also with more clarity.

(00:28) In the midst of this iOS 14 world, I'm in that tool every single day. What I love about it is that, you know, even prior to Triple Whale, we had built custom dashboards, but it was so hard if I needed to get different cuts of data. But with Triple Whale, their dashboard's amazing. At a glance, you know how you are doing over various periods of time.

(00:47) It takes in all your different ad channels, gives you a really clear look. It is reporting what creatives are winning much. Better than if you're in the Facebook dashboard, for example, It doesn't always give you the best data and you can look at different attribution windows, different clicks, and customer journey segments.

(01:06) And it's incredibly helpful to understand how your marketing is performing. I also love the cohort analysis tool. What's been amazing is prior to this doing cohort analysis, it was a very annoying process in terms of crunching the data, but Triple Whale does it immediately for you by filtering for different segments of customers.

(01:25) So for us, if we wanna see how t-shirt cohorts work versus the suit cohort, it's amazing. We love that. So ultimately, I think Triple Whale is the best tool that any marketer can use. You have to use it, get on it now.

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