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How to build a TikTok Ads Creatives System In-House

How to build a TikTok Ads Creatives System In-House

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March 18, 2024

This is long awaited for some, but we had to test an offer - now we have a backend to keep up with demand.

Let's begin and be as simple as possible. No way this will be 15 pages.

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Viral Organic Growth

Zero CPA, Massive free brand exposure, and endless data from users to gather and repurpose for ads. The benefits are there and people are catching on

People like to overcomplicate this topic and act like there's a secret sauce but it’s the strategy for organic is simple.

Volume. Negates. Luck

Single page approach

  • Post 4x a day
  • Batch creates a ton of concepts based on your existing audience
  • Use nuggets from your post-purchase surveys and customer reviews to brainstorm concepts
  • Study what is currently going viral. Sounds, news, dances, TikTok trends
  • Test every angle possible
  • When videos take off; don’t repost it verbatim - remake it until you cant anymore.
  • Have different creators posting on and manage your page - incentivize performance
  • Reply to comments on videos with more TikTok video replies
  • Keep gathering information and winning concepts for your Ads

There's a multiple-page approach if you want to get really raunchy and feisty with your strategy.

But that's a tweet for another day.

  • Easy Trendy Batching Strategy
  • Gather post-purchase survey data and customer reviews for your brand
  • Go through the reviews and find commonalities/things people love about your product. Things that your “fresh out of Yale” marketing intern didn’t think of in your “concept meeting”
  • Watch the news
  • Look at what people are talking about and what's happening in the world.
  • Research current trends on TikTok
  • Sounds
  • Hooks
  • Dances
  • Slang
  • Spend 30 Minutes scrolling through TikTok
  • Spend 30 Minutes watching something else that makes you laugh
  • Brainstorm 120 video ideas based on this information
  • Don't get up from your desk until you’re finished.
  • I do it, so can you dammit
  • Write a basic outline of what to say in these videos
  • Batch Film the content, don’t worry about mistakes
  • Batch-Edit the content
  • Post 4 of them a day per month
  • Reply to TikTok comments with another TikTok = Unlimited content and valuable info given by responding to questions.
  • The volume of output = Negation of luck
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Winning Media Buying Strategy

If you have solid creatives, a half-decent media buyer can manage a TikTok campaign and get results. Sprinkle in a little ruthlessness and you’ll be golden.

80% of the success here is up to the creatives, so we’ll leave these nuggets.

Creative Testing

  • Does your ad group has more than 50 conversions?
  • If not, check if your ad group is profitable
  • If it is, keep it going and chill out
  • If not, kill it before it lays eggs
  • If it is, begin creative testing
  • Take your winning adset and put in 5 creatives
  • After a 7 day learning window kill off the ads that have spent at least 5x target CPA and have CPA over breakeven
  • Launch the same number of ads that have been killed to test a new creative under existing ad group

Rapid Creative Testing

  • Duplicate your top performing ad group
  • Setup ACO and max out your creative
  • Max out variables to test by adding 10 videos, 5 copies and select dynamic CTAs
  • Use the same budget formula as initial prospecting ad group
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Performance UGC On Autopilot

Now there is no such thing as autopilot when it comes to creating good UGC.

You can however make your system as efficient and effective as possible by leveraging two very important things.

  1. Have savvy creators that match your target demo ready to go whenever.
  2. And have a better strategy than just Tweeting whenever you need a creator.
  3. Creators are talented in creating content, they are not good at doing outbound outreach to brands like yours.
  4. Provide them with a volume of inbound work, and price negotiation becomes easier.
  5. They have a CAC too, decrease that for them and you’ll lower your cost of goods (Creatives)
  6. If you’re an agency or own multiple brands, gather a ton together, this takes a ton of work.
  7. Have a team of creative strategists qualify them and see where they’d fit.
  8. Have an automated way to reach out to mass amounts of them with your offer and a fast way to onboard them into your system.
  9. Our onboarding time used to be 3-4 days
  10. Now its 3-4 hours
  11. When it comes to content production, have a predictable way to get the creatives to be winners and outsource tasks to the professionals with a faster workflow
  12. Have dedicated storyboarders to write out the scripts with in-depth knowledge of TikTok and Direct Response
  13. Keep your array of storyboards all in one spreadsheet; don't separate them one by one, you maniac
  14. Add a variety of hooks and call to actions for the creatord
  15. Get video editors who have a fast and organized workflow who don't RELY on Creators with a personal attachment to their own work.
  16. Dump all the raw footage into a timeline on Adobe Premiere pro
  17. Separate all the clips based on each storyboard
  18. Space them out by storyboard and make sure everything is in the right place.
  19. Put your background music under each clip beforehand
  20. Start cutting through the raws, be merciless and utilize keyboard shortcuts to make this go faster.
  21. Line by line, shot by shot
  22. Hook by hook
  23. CTA by CTA
  24. Copy body footage from the video and re-arrange onto an adjacent chunk of clips with a different call to action, from that same storyboard.
  25. Do this for all of the clips
  26. Create as many variations as you can manage. Within reason
  27. Put in voiceovers to parts of videos that require it
  28. Put in different key-framing and transitions in the clips being edited, this will keep the user engaged during crucial parts of the video to keep them from scrolling away. Guiding them through the story. Don't give them any chance to scroll up.
  29. Zooms
  30. Speed ramps
  31. Position shifts
  32. Opacity
  33. Caption popups
  34. Flips and swirls
  35. Put in sound effects to emphasize actions in the scenes and caption popups
  36. pop
  37. swipe
  38. swoosh
  39. woosh
  40. boom
  41. pow
  42. this is getting ridiculous
  43. Watch through everything to make sure that nothing is wrong in the script
  44. Have each edited ad on the same timeline into its own individual nested sequence.
  45. Queue all to export
  46. submit for approval and add to marketing mix
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Hiring Database + Vetting + Our System

  • Hiring Creators

You can find any creator in minutes, but you don’t want just any creator.

You want to find the creator that is going to be best fit for your brand

  • Demo
  • Look and feel
  • Aesthetic
  • Competency


Put out a tweet right now and say “I’m a (your niche) brand looking for UGC creators, looking to hire asap”

For the next 3 days, you are going to be bombarded with replies, retweets, portfolios in your DMs and nothing but chaos in your head figuring out who the best fit will be.

Easy fix

Create a form, and have them all fill it out with their information. Then it’ll all be neatly sorted into your database so that you can find the perfect fit for you. Right?


Creators hate filling out forms, not because they’re lazy, but because they have done hundreds of them already; only for no reply before some schmuck like you came around and asked the same questions in the same form layout. You’ll be lucky if you get what you’re looking for

So what now?

This really isn’t something you should be worrying about as a business owner. If you want to keep hearing about how hard this process is, you can request another document.

But here's what we have done to fix this bottleneck for agencies and brands

  • Built up a prior relationship with hundreds of creators and influencers by providing value to them. We find them through
  • Twitter
  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Various networks of influencers and creators from my time as a Travel niche content creator.
  • Built out an application funnel for them to input their information and be reviewed quickly
  • send a welcome email as a bonus with the ads you’d like to replicate
  • Built a discord community of 330 creators and counting, the goal is 10k by EOY
  • Move-qualified people into a database and train those with potential on SOPs, performance creatives, and organic content batching.
  • When a project starts, send the creators an inbound offer for the project
  • send a contract
  • onboard them to slack
  • send the information over
  • pay them 20% upfront
  • Onboard Creative Director, Editor, and Copywriter and get to work

The onboarding process can be done in 1-4 hours and the creation process can be done in 7 - 14 days depending on delivery.

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