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The AI Transformation: Issue #4

The AI Transformation: Issue #4

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May 10, 2024
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Hey there,

It's week 2 of this newsletter's celeb takeover. Yep, I'm back, back again.

We’ve been taking our team zoom calls from the great outdoors, all over the US this week. Feels like spring is finally sprangin'. Hope you take some time to get outside and put some sun on your face!

As always, this issue will cover:

👷 Use Cases

🆕 Platform Updates

🦜 Trending Prompts

⏩ Sequences
🏆 Board of the Week

👀 Behind The Scenes at Triple Whale

Let’s get into it.


👷 Use Cases

Highlighting great use cases in the new generation of Triple Whale

Did you know Moby can help you forecast revenue, stock, and marketing KPIs? Well, now you do!

All you have to do is ask. Try this:

“Based on the last 6 months of revenue, forecast the next 6 months of revenue broken down by month.”

And watch the magic happen! You can pin that forecast to a Board to keep a close eye on your progress.

As part of Moby’s analysis, you’ll get a Mean Absolute Percentage Error score. This is a statistical measure used to assess the accuracy of your forecast; a MAPE score that is less than 10% is excellent, between 10-20% is acceptable, and over 25%... probably not very accurate.

The more Moby learns about your business, the better your forecasts will be. So keep asking questions, giving feedback, and refining!

Try it out


🆕 The Latest and Greatest

The most up-to-date features you need to know

  • We just launched our integration with Criteo! Stay tuned for more integrations in the coming weeks.
  • We’ve been building Boards galore, and we’re pretty stoked about Customer Journeys. It helps you see the impact of each touch by channel in the path to purchase.
Customer Journeys

Get the Board from the Template Library


🦜 Trending Moby Prompts

Last week, Moby got pinged with 2973 questions 🤯

Here’s what was most popular:

Product performance and inventory

"What are my top selling products in the past 30 days?"

Ad spend and performance

"What did I spend on Meta Ads in the past 30 days?"

Meta campaign analysis

"What is my Meta ROAS over the last 7 days?"

Revenue and sales analysis

"Show me total sales for March"

Check it out


⏭️ Sequences

Sequences help Moby automatically run prompts, gather data, and draw strategic insights from the data outputs

▶️ BI: LTV by Channel

See which channels are acquiring the most new customers and driving the highest LTV for your business month over month using the last 180 days of data.

Sequence - LTV

Try it out


🏆 Board of the Week

Big news: we just announced our integration with Criteo. This integration has been simmering in beta for a while now, and we’re finally ready to present it to the world. If you haven’t already, jump into Triple Whale and hook up your Criteo account.

🍊 Criteo

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 12.06.41 PM

What is it: View all your important Criteo platform metrics and Triple Whale attribution data in one place

Who’s it for: Marketing teams using Criteo’s Commerce Growth to reach their target audience at every step of the customer journey

You can join me and Logan Brown, Chairman of the Boards, LIVE each Thursday at 12 pm EDT to talk about these customizable Boards in The Board Room on X and LinkedIn 📺  

Check it out


🫣 BTS @ Triple Whale

A glimpse into what our team is excited about…

Logan’s been putting in time with Sequences and if you haven’t thought about getting AI-generated copy plopped in your inbox each morning… it’s time to get with the times. Work smarter, not harder.

Screenshot 2024-05-01 at 5.46.41 PM

🤝 Build with us

We’re scheduling meetings and onboardings to get all you lovely people off the waitlist and into the new version of Triple Whale. And if you’ve been onboarded, we want you to tell us about your experience so far! Just shoot me a response to this email if you’d like to chat.


📚 What we're reading

Ever feel like you're not quite sure what Moby can do? It's a pretty powerful AI, trained on all your data... but where do you start?

We've got you covered. Check out our Moby prompting guide for all the best ways to talk to your data. It's full of how-to's, best practices, and plenty of examples. You can find it on our blog or in the Knowledge Base (which you can access via Moby).

May your keyboard never get stuck on caps lock,


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