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Outbrain x Triple Whale for Data-Driven Insights

Outbrain x Triple Whale for Data-Driven Insights


As advertising on the internet continues to evolve, there’s no longer space for an approach that isn’t well thought out and data-driven. As consumers, it can be frustrating to be inundated with online ads and messages, especially if the ads served aren’t relevant content. When an ad solves a customer’s problem or stirs up emotion, it’s met with enthusiasm over indifference. 

Advertisers need audiences to be excited by their ads, proven with clicks and subsequent conversions. However, as banner blindness and ad blockers become more frequent, customers can miss the messages that would otherwise lead to conversions. 

Consumers have grown used to seeing carefully-selected content that matches their specific interests. Outbrain uses vast amounts of data to create personalized experiences that capture audiences' attention. By utilizing prediction technology and data from thousands of publishers worldwide, Outbrain delivers tailored content and ads to its audiences, focusing on context and consumer interests. This approach ensures maximum engagement and attention from consumers.

What Does Outbrain Do?

Outbrain is a leading technology platform that drives business results by engaging people across the open internet, reaching over a billion unique consumers around the world. Outbrain’s AI prediction engine powers a two-sided platform for advertisers and media owners that delivers concrete business outcomes. 

Outbrain’s platform enables thousands of digital media owners to provide tailored experiences to their consumers, delivering audience engagement and monetization. For tens of thousands of advertisers, from enterprise brands to performance marketers, our platform optimizes audience attention and engagement to deliver greater return on investment at each step of the marketing funnel.

Outbrain x Triple Whale Integration

Triple Whale integrates seamlessly with Outbrain to unlock powerful data aggregation and attribution, giving you the insights you need to optimize your campaigns for maximum ROI. 

Effortlessly aggregate your Outbrain campaign data and view it alongside your other marketing channels in the Pixel Table. Uncover hidden insights using Triple Whale’s first and zero-party attribution data to understand true conversions, ROAS, best-performing creatives, and how Outbrain contributes to your customer’s journey to purchase.

Use data-driven insights to refine your targeting, messaging, and budget allocation, ensuring your Outbrain campaigns reach the right people at the right time.

The Outbrain metrics available in the Pixel Outbrain Dashboard include: 

  • ROAS
  • Purchases
  • NC Purchases
  • Conversion Value
  • NC Conversion Value
  • CPA
  • NC CPA
  • AOV
  • Profit
  • Visitors
  • Sessions
  • CVR
  • ATC
  • NV
  • ESU
  • Bounces

How to Set Up Your Outbrain Integration with Triple Whale

To set up the Criteo integration with Triple Whale, visit Settings then Integrations. Find Outbrain from the list and select “Connect Provider”. After a redirection to Outbrain, follow the authorization flow to connect your Outbrain account. Afterwards, set up the Pixel Outbrain dashboard to monitor your Outbrain metrics directly inside Triple Whale. 

Stop wasting money on ineffective campaigns. Start driving real results with Triple Whale and Outbrain. We built something you love so you can stop doing the things you hate. Want to learn more about the new evolution of Triple Whale? Click here to learn more.

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