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Triple Whale Has a New Look: Better Design for Better Decisions

Triple Whale Has a New Look: Better Design for Better Decisions

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

As marketers or direct-to-consumer brand owners, you understand how important it is to have clear and useful data at your fingertips. That's why Triple Whale has introduced our new look, designed to help users make better decisions quickly and with confidence. 

In this article, we’ll outline why good UX/UI is important, and why we made the changes to our interface to make life easier for you. Well, as much as we can, anyway. 

Why Good UX/UI is so Vitally Important

As a brand owner, you should be familiar with best practices for a good customer experience. Most online site builders, like Shopify, have made it easy to build websites and content that is SEO-friendly, mobile friendly, and nice to look at. Thoughtful UX/UI design can be a secret weapon in improving average order value (AOV), and making a website or app work for your customer is the path to profitability. Let’s explore a few reasons why it’s so important: 

1. Enhancing User Experience

We want you to enjoy using our product, which is why we made it prettier and more efficient. 

A well-designed user interface keeps customers engaged, which is the key to long term success. Good UX plays a huge role in how engaged users remain on a website or app, and since we hope you’re looking at this interface the moment you wake up in the morning to when you tuck yourself into bed at night, it better look good. 

2. Creating a Brand Image

Our design team has worked very hard to bring you a cohesive yet beautiful website and app interface, with subtle hints to our position in the deep sea of marketing attribution. 

The whale is the apex predator of the ocean, in case you didn’t know, so we’re in control. A successful integration of brand image with UX/UI design can ensure our customers are familiar and comfortable with us. The water’s cold, come jump in anyway. A unique experience that’s memorable and recognizable - that’s what we’re going for.  

3. Establishing Trust

Trust is the foundation for any business, and that trust-building starts with the first impression with a new customer. 

If you’re here for the first time, welcome! If you’re familiar with our brand, then good UX/UI design is imperative for reliability, security, and transparency. We’re building trust to gain long term customers, so hope you’re here for the long haul (out of the ocean…get it?).  

4. Improving Customer Efficiency

Remember the last time you opened a new product, and you knew exactly how to use it? Great design empowers your customers with autonomy, and allows them to get straight to using the product for their benefit. Our hope is that with a new and intuitive design for Triple Whale, our customers will understand immediately how to use it, which leaves time for more important things (like making money). 

The redesign of the Triple Whale app includes several improvements, including consolidation of settings, a change to a new color palette, and navigation improvements that make it easy for users to make the most of the platform. Let's dive into the details and learn about the changes and improvements that are now live on the Triple Whale app!

Consolidated Navigation

It’s a new and improved navigation, with all elements consolidated to the left side of the screen. This provides more working space and reduces the clutter and distraction previously provided by the right-hand sidebar. The new navigation includes Pods View, Metrics, Product Analytics, Product Journeys, Cart Analysis, and Pixel, which now includes Creative Cockpit as a sub-menu item underneath it. The new top-level navigation bar item, “Ops”, includes the tools you previously would find in the “Insights” section.  

Centralized Settings

Settings can be accessed using the gear icon located at the bottom of the left-hand toolbar. All the settings have been consolidated into one place, making it easier for users to manage their account and switch between stores. Additionally, users with different stores benefit from Pods View, which displays a unified view of metrics for the entire portfolio of stores.

Clear and Cohesive Elements

The aim of the new user interface is to simplify and streamline workflow by providing clear labels, concise instructions, and a consistent design language. The new color palette offers a clean and modern look, with light and dark modes to suit your mood. While navigating the interface, users will notice the use of rounded corners, subtle drop shadows, and a more prominent use of whitespace, which makes the interface not only visually appealing but also easier to follow.

Better Explanation for Attribution Models

One of the challenges faced by brand owners and marketers is attributing revenue or conversions to a specific channel or source. Triple Whale's new user interface provides a clear explanation of the attribution model, making it easier for users to understand how the system is allocating conversions to various sources.

Custom Metrics

Custom metrics are an essential part of data-driven decision-making. In the new user interface, creating custom metrics is easier and more intuitive than ever before. By simply clicking the "Create Metric" button, users can define their goals, input data, set up a timeframe and receive custom graphs for better insights.

Customer Feedback on the New Navigation

It’s a new look, but how does it make you feel? 

In short, we’re getting some great feedback! What do you think, is it nice and sleek and ready for your data? Book a demo today.

Want to see more details about our fancy new UX/UI? Check out this article in our knowledge base. With changes that make the user interface more intuitive and efficient, you’ll be making better decisions in no time.  

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