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Introducing Moby: Your Guide to the Sea of Ecommerce Waves

Introducing Moby: Your Guide to the Sea of Ecommerce Waves

Last Updated:  
May 16, 2024

Hey, Pals!

Every Thursday, we’re going to share Boards, prompts, features, and opportunities to help us reshape the way ecommerce brands turn raw data into sustainable growth.

Let’s get into it.

👷 Triple Whale Tips

Let’s solve some mysteries with Moby.

Ever wondering how long it takes a customer to make a purchase after their first click? Well, now you might. And don’t worry, we have the answer.

1. Ask Moby: What is the average time period between a user’s first click and their first purchase on my website?

🆕 The Latest and Greatest 

  1. ICYMI, WhaleGPT got a real name! Meet Moby. Like the literary whale, but not unlike the populist electronic music star known for his veganism. 👋
  2. Haaaave you met Sequences? You may have noticed a third, new tab available in Moby called Sequences. These are a series of prompts that pull data to provide you with powerful insights and strategy. 

You can schedule Sequences to run on a recurring basis—and soon, you’ll be able to view sequences in the Template Gallery and pin those results onto a Board. We have a recommendation on where to start below ⬇️    

🦜 Trending Prompts 

Wondering what all the other Triple Whale users just like you are asking Moby? Well, Moby got pinged with 1416 questions in the past week.

Here’s what was most popular:

Ad spend tracking

  • Give me the Google campaign spend and daily budget for yesterday.

ROAS queries

  • Provide me with the ad spend, revenue, and ROAS for FB ads over the past  days.

Sales analysis and trends

  • Could you give me the gross sales (MTD)?

Order value analysis

  • What is the average order value (AOV) for each advertising platform in the last 7 days?

We’re building a massive list of 700+ verified prompts for you to use. And this is my personal favorite of the week, cause it’ll help you dig into the channel with the highest value customers: 

⏭️ Sequences

Sequences are pretty magical. They’re set to help Moby help you (look good to the big bosses, make strategic decisions, leave the office in time for happy hour). We’ve got quite a few pre-built Sequences courtesy of Aj and if you’re not sure where to start… try the Sequence labeled:

▶️ New vs. Returning Customers: 

  1. What was my % of new customers vs % of returning customers over the last 12 months by month?
  2. What was my % of new customers vs % of returning customers over the last 12 months by month for FB?
  3. Give me the same thing for Google Ads
  4. Give me the same thing for Klaviyo
  5. Using all the data above from the store, FB, Google, and Klaviyo, give me insights per channel and the trend over time for the channels. Note that FB and Google should be for acquiring new customers and Klaviyo for returning customers.

🏆 Board of the Week

A new Board you can add to your account

Meet The Ecommerce Navigator:

What is it: Review key performance metrics trends over time against today's performance. In 60 seconds, you will understand your overall revenue, contribution dollars, Net Sales and MER, CPA, nCPA, media spend, and product performance per day, over any date range of your choosing

Who’s it for: Director of Ecommerce at a brand or an agency account lead

Pro Tip: Make this board your own. Using the WYSIWYG editor at the top of the Board, you can switch up the layout, or add some insights via text box to help your broader team interpret the data. Once you add the template to your workspace, it’s all yours.  

Check it out for yourself

🫣 BTS @ Triple Whale

A glimpse into the stuff our team is excited about…

We finished building a code interpreter into Moby.

Why? Because LLMs are pretty good at writing python. This allows Moby to write python scripts to solve complex questions. In this particular example, Aj asks Moby to calculate break-even ROAS per day.

The initial data (sales, refunds, COGS, shipping and ad spend) is pulled with a query, then we're automatically running it through the code interpreter to get our answers.

This is going to open up so many very cool experiences for Triple Whale users.

🤝 Build with us 

Each week, this is where we ask you, our favorite people in the world, for help.

  • We’d love to know what you think of this page. Please send any feedback to [email protected]
  • We want to fill our Template Library with Boards built by our community. If you’d like to work with our team to build the Board of your dreams–and score a spotlight in this newsletter–fill out this form and we’ll reach out to you ASAP!

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