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Increase Your Holiday Checkout Conversions & More with Sustainability 🌳

Increase Your Holiday Checkout Conversions & More with Sustainability 🌳

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March 18, 2024

It may not feel like it, but the holiday season is fast approaching. During the 2022 holiday season, ecommerce sales are expected to grow 15.5% to $236 billion compared to 2021. Did you also know that 77% of consumers are looking to shop from brands that care about the environment? Is your business prepared to capitalize on your traffic this Q4? If you want to make your brand stand out from the rest this holiday season, turn increased traffic into higher conversions, AND then retain more customers into the new year, planting verified trees with Ecodrive is your solution.  This may not be your typical Christmas tree but these ones still come with gifts, the type that keep on giving.

Sustainability is crucial, but how does it fit into a business model in a way that makes sense? Brands that have customizable callouts on their websites and throughout their checkout process announcing that they plant a tree with every order see, on average, a 17% increase in their conversion rates. Pair that with the average traffic lift to your site during the holidays and grow revenue, your customer base, and trees in support of our planet together with your customers.

Increase Holiday Checkout Conversions Content

After you make your holiday sales, you have a unique opportunity to re-engage your customers by sending follow-up emails with information about the trees they helped plant, just in time for when your customers should re-up. Emails like these receive high open rates and are a friendly way to re-engage customers while drawing them back into the funnel to repurchase. This strategy helps you not only increase customer retention, but also builds brand loyalty and ultimately, LTV.

Increase Holiday Checkout Conversions Content

When leveraging tree planting callouts across digital channels, Triple Whale’s Pixel helps track customer actions and builds rich customer profiles while connecting them to orders.  For example, many brands see paid media campaigns outperform when a line of copy like “We plant a tree for every purchase” with a CTA like “Shop and Plant Now”.  Pixel helps track full funnel so you know who is taking purchasing actions based on the tree planting incentive. That way you can segment your sustainable audiences and customize your marketing campaigns.  Feel confident that you know where, how, and why your customers are making purchases.

Customers will love that buying a gift from your brand will also plant a tree, a bonus gift, which they can tell whoever they bought the gift for all about. Now you have two people who are excited about both your product and the trees!  Not even IOS can disrupt the power of word of mouth.

We understand that the journey to sustainability can seem to be complicated, expensive, and opens up brands to the risk of greenwashing.  Taking a simple, verifiable, and customer centric approach helps with instilling trust that you are authentically working on building a business that helps the planet instead of hurting it.  Customers can see through hollow commitments when they aren’t backed up and transparent, as they should.  Brands that level with their audience and address they aren’t perfect but are trying to be better are the ones doing things the right way and building a community around their mission. When a tree is planted for customers and they see the plot of land where it lives, images of their tree, and the people that are employed to plant those trees there is an emotional tie to the brand.  Authenticity, simplicity and verifiable actions win ten out of ten times.

If you want your customers to remember your brand even after they’ve forgotten their New Year's resolutions, start planting trees with Ecodrive today and see why they are trusted by hundreds of top brands as the simplest sustainability solution to meet consumer demands and engage their customers in a unique way.

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More about Ecodrive and Tree Planting:

Ecodrive is the simplest sustainability solution for brands that helps them to engage customers and increase conversions while taking climate action. They integrate across all your platforms to plant verified trees for online orders at the click of a button. The trees planted are mangroves, one of the most efficient tree species for removing carbon out of our atmosphere. All trees planted leverage technology to track and monitor time stamps of planning,  geo-locations and survival over time.

Verified tree planting is one great nature-based solution to the ongoing climate crisis. Nature-based solutions are cost effective ways to harness natural processes to bring benefits to people, animals, and the planet. Ecodrive plants verified mangrove trees on protected land in Madagascar. Mangroves can capture and store more carbon than almost any other tree on the planet. Each tree can sequester about 680 pounds of carbon in its lifetime. A large portion of the carbon is stored in the soil and sediment under the tree’s roots which means the majority of it will stay there for centuries. They are referred to as a blue carbon sink for this reason!

A photo of many mangroves growing on a wet beach.

Mangroves also create habitat for hundreds of organisms, including 341 threatened species across the world. They protect shorelines from erosion and storm surges, keeping ecosystems and the people who live there safe. As mangroves take in water they filter out pollutants before releasing water vapor back into the air.

In addition to this initiative's positive environmental impact, it also alleviates poverty in the nearby community by employing local villagers to plant and manage the trees. For every 100 trees planted, one full work day is created for a villager in need. With this steady income, these workers can set aside savings, invest in their household, diversify their income through micro-enterprises, afford healthcare, and provide everyday needs for their families.

The verification process that Ecodrive uses gives us confidence that trees are actually being planted and we’re having a real, positive impact. Ecodrive uses on-the-ground monitoring, data verification, and storage through the application of blockchain technology to report real-time impact.

During the planting process, workers at the tree planting sites collect data on the trees they plant such as; time/date, GPS location, and photo evidence, amount of each species, etc. Then, this data is uploaded from the planting site for further auditing and verification. Once verified, the trees are cataloged into the system as inventory which can be associated with an end consumer. On-the-ground monitoring is performed for the first three to five years of each tree’s life to report on survivability and other social/ecosystem impacts. Over the remaining life of the forest, different geospatial tools such as remote sensing are used to monitor and protect the restored area.

Ecodrive’s use of blockchain technology brings an unmatched level of transparency, accuracy, and traceability to a nature-based solution. And the solution, tree planting, is something that customers can immediately understand and love. Whether you integrate across any platform and engage customers, or reach large net-zero goals, Ecodrive has you covered!

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