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Nate Lagos

Director of Growth and Marketing

Learn how Nate uses Triple Whale to profitably grow his eCommerce business.


(00:00) There's two things I use every day to profitably grow my e-com business. Number one, the creative cockpit on Triple Whale. It shows me every piece of creative I'm running on Facebook ads and lets me quickly monitor, spend, ROAS, and a whole bunch of other metrics all in one place. I always look at this tab first thing in the morning, and before I create any new content.

(00:20) Number two, Triple Whale’s LTV, and Product Journey data. If you're in e-com, you know that getting repeat purchases is the key to profitability, and this tool lets you not only view how much each customer is worth to you, but also which product pairings make up the most common product journey. So you can adjust your marketing accordingly.

(00:38) And that's why I recommend everyone in e-com uses Triple Whale.

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