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Kyle Hunt

Chief Strategy Officer

Learn how Kyle uses Triple Whale to make informed decisions based on which KPIs are most important to him.


(00:00) I only recommend Triple Whale if you like making money. If you hate making money, you should definitely not use Triple Whale. Hey, this is Kyle Hunt. Partner at WKND Digital, and more importantly, a brand founder and an e-commerce investor. And I wanna show you exactly why I love Triple Whale. As a brand founder, it's super important for me to know where my sales are coming from and how profitable each marketing campaign is.

(00:24) And that's where Triple Whale really shines. With Triple Whale's marketing attribution tool, I can easily see which channels and campaigns are driving the number one KPI for my business, which is profit. And I can see that on a source basis, whether you're looking at Facebook, Google, Clavio, or other sources. As well as other important KPIs, and I can also see this on a campaign basis, so I can make decisions to upscale or downscale campaigns based on profit as well as in assets.

(00:49) And you can do this for any campaign that you're looking at, but it's not just about marketing. Triple Whale also helps me keep track of my daily, weekly, and monthly profits with their realtime reporting. I can make informed decisions based on KPIs that are important to me, like net margin or m e r, and this helps me to know where to invest my resources as well as how to grow my business.

(01:10) I can't recommend trip oil enough for any e-commerce founder that's looking to upgrade their financial and marketing performance, but a game changer for me, and I know it'll also be one for you two.

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