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John Coyle


Learn how John uses Triple Whale to maximize the visibility of KPIs and grow his clients’ brands.


(00:00) What’s up? Let me tell you how I'm using Triple Whale to grow my business to massively grow the e-commerce brands that I help, that I help manage. For me, I'm usually kind of acting in a growth lead sort of CMO role. And honestly, the summary screen, the main home screen, I find to be like the best.

(00:19) E-commerce operating system out there. It has all of the key core relevant metrics that I need to watch on a, on a day-to-day basis, on an hour to hour basis. And I can pin different things for different people so I can just make sure my media buyers have certain metrics pinned. I can make sure the CEO or founders have certain metrics pinned.

(00:36) I can have different metrics pinned. So to me it's that kind of main feature of being able. Look at the overview, the health of the business in a glance at a snapshot and for different people to be able to focus on different areas of health of the business

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