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Brad Ploch


Learn how Brad uses Triple Whale to find and capitalize on opportunities.


(00:00) As an agency owner, there is one tool that we require all of our clients to use, and that's because if you run an agency, you know that it's really hard to have all your data in one place and constantly know what is going on in each account. And that's why we use Triple Whale. Not only does it allow me to quickly be able to see how each of our accounts are doing, but also makes finding opportunities and capitalizing on those opportunities much easier than doing it manually.

(00:21) And here are just a few of the things that I love. First off, we have the summary page, which is fully customizable, and I can put the most important metrics that I care about up at the top, no, no more. Mixing around in spreadsheets and setting up a bunch of automations using things like Supermetrics just in order to get a report.

(00:36) And then I also love the customer insights tab, and this tab empowers our team to find things like, which products to focus on because they have the best combination of CAC as well as LTV increase, or the bundling tab, which allows us to create upsells because we know what people are most likely to buy.

(00:52) And that's honestly just pretty much scratching the surface of everything that Triple Whale has to offer, and I genuinely don't know what we would do without it.

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