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The Whale Wrap Up - June

The Whale Wrap Up - June

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

Our goal with The Whale Wrap Up is to educate and make sure our customers don't miss any of our amazing product features, new products, and updates that our incredible team has "launched" in the last month. We know our customers are busy focusing on their own business, and we want to make sure you don't miss any features that could potentially help you grow smarter.

Pixel PRO Now Supports Headless & Landing Pages

Headless and Landing Page support was one of our most requested features from Shopify Plus customers, customers using landing pages to make their marketing better and those using third-party apps for upsales and purchases. Read the full release here.

Introducing Ad Account Segmentation For Multiple Shopify Stores

Triple Whale now helps you solve the problem of visualizing data while using one Facebook Ad Account with multiple Shopify stores. This is especially relevant to our users on Shopify Plus or located in Europe who have multiple storefronts for each country. e.g.:, .eu, Find the full release here.

Creative Cockpit Alpha Launch

The Creative Dashboard is getting some major rocket booster upgrades with Creative Cockpit. We reached out to our top 20 Creative Dashboard power users to have them help us get the Creative Cockpit launch ready...and we can't wait to show you what all of the hype is about! In summary, Creative Cockpit will allow you to create customer segments to help you better visualize, in aggregate, what creative types (UGC, Brand, Product Images, etc.) are actually driving conversions now and over time.

All of the existing features you love are getting a fresh new look. We’ve heard from our Triple Whalers that you all LOVE how we’ve approached data visualization - and we brought that same goodness to our Creative Cockpit. Read the full release here and if you're an existing customer make sure to save your spot for 50% off Creative Cockpit for life here.

Custom Spends Is Now Custom Expenses

For most DTC businesses, ad-spend is a huge component of overall spending, but it’s certainly not the full picture. Most DTC businesses have a myriad of other expenses that cannot be tracked via API, and all too often, the only tool available for tracking those expenses is a spreadsheet. The Custom Expenses feature of Triple Whale was created to eliminate the need for such spreadsheets. See our incredible Product Manager Yaakov's video below about the first of many updates or read the documentation here.

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