📚 UGC Creative Playbook, Bootstrapping to $30M & More
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November 3, 2022

📚 UGC Creative Playbook, Bootstrapping to $30M & More

👋 Hello beautiful Whale Mailer!

This Thursday round-up is jam packed with actionable marketing resources, per usual:

First up is a podcast episode with Savannah Sanchez, TikTok Ads creative expert.

Struggling with finding high performing creative? This episode is required listening.

Now, for our recommended readings. First up, a fantastic thread from Ron Shah on how he bootstrapped his ecom brand from $10, 000 to $30,000,000.

Next, we have an article uncovering some controversy around Facebook inflating advertising metrics.

And to round out the readings, we have a useful thread from Amanda Natividad on 14 marketing tools that you were probably missing out on before.

Thanks so much for trusting us with space your inbox twice per week - we appreciate you :)



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🐳 State of the Whale

In this week’s State of the Whale, Rabah chats with AJ and Maxx on all things Triple Whale and product updates:

State Of The Whale

🎙️You're Not Your ROAS

How To Effectively Use UGC ads in 2022

EP 024 - Savannah Sanchez on Creating High-Converting UGC Ads

Today we welcome none other than Savannah Sanchez to the show.

Savannah is a TikTok ads expert, and today we’ll be laying out the playbook to make UGC ad creatives that convert.  •  Share

👩🏻‍💻 What We Are Reading?

Lawsuit against FB over 'Potential Reach' metric inflation gains class action status

Additionally, Meta has plans to consolidate its Ad Topics and Interest Categories controls into a single Ad Topics control, which will cover a more extensive set of ad topics.  •  Share

🎧 What We Are Listening To?

Ep 190: 100 Million TikTok Views Slapping the Marshmallow with The Marshmallow Co's Joel Twyman

How would 100M organic views change the trajectory of your business?

Crazy, right?

Well, this episode of the DTC Podcast talks with someone who made it happen, and gives away some tricks for TikTok success.  •  Share

🤯 Fact of the Week

🧰 Tool of the Week - cheap and easy way to caption your videos

Most people watch videos without sound, so captions are more important than ever.

This cheap service is a great way to get captions for your ads or social videos.  •  Share

🦸🏼‍♀️ Tip of the Week

About the Author

Rabah Rahil

Live in Austin. Ride a @BoostedBoards. CMO at @TryTripleWhale. Marketing, Tech, Outdoors, Photography, Webdev and Stoicism.

Rabah Rahil

Live in Austin. Ride a @BoostedBoards. CMO at @TryTripleWhale. Marketing, Tech, Outdoors, Photography, Webdev and Stoicism.

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