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To Our Community

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

This past Thursday, we published a tweet with some aggregate statistics on Q4 trends we are seeing. After a lot of constructive feedback from the community, we decided to triple check our numbers. 

There was a human error in the retrieval of data from a recently deprecated infrastructure that led to the incomplete data set that we published. To be clear, this is not the same data or infrastructure that is used in the product.

To ensure this event will not happen again, we have instituted a comprehensive internal data audit on our aggregate industry data. The integrity and trust in our Trends data is a paramount priority for us.  

Going forward, we will create a quarterly State of the Union Report, with all the latest data from all the brands leveraging Triple Whale. We will pull aggregate statistics across the thousands of brands using Triple Whale to give people a sense of what’s happening in our universe and some ideas on how they can navigate towards even greater success.

If you want those reports, sign up here:

Ok, now onto the revised data…

Below is data from all stores using Triple Whale in the US (2800) from Oct 1 - Nov 20, 2022 compared with Oct 1 - Nov 20, 2021.   We only included stores with revenues in both periods.  Collectively the year to date GMV of these stores is a little more than $8 billion USD.

Here are the main takeaways from this:

  • The state of DTC compared to last year is healthy, at least among the thousands of brands that use Triple Whale today
  • Consumers are buying more items and spending more on them
  • Advertising spend is up, and so is GMV, which suggests a healthy ecosystem
  • We are going to continue to run this analysis over the holiday season to learn what trends these numbers suggest (e.g. growth in spending overall, earlier shopping, etc.)
  • We have instrumented these queries so that we are confident they are accurate going forward and we’re able to pull them more quickly.

We apologize for initially publishing incorrect numbers. Thank you for your understanding and ongoing trust - we live, breathe and sleep to help you run more efficient businesses and are honored to have the opportunity to help.


Maxx, AJ, and the Triple Whale Team


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