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The AI Transformation: Issue #10

The AI Transformation: Issue #10

Welcome back to our weekly newsletter where we discuss all things AI and show you how we’re building the future of Triple Whale around this cutting-edge technology.

Disclaimer, this email was not written by ChatGPT. Or was it?

Either way, it’s been a week packed with AI headlines. Let’s get into it.

This week's agenda:

🔥 AI News: The A is for Apple.
📖 What We’re Consuming

🐳 Moby Got an Upgrade
🏂 Board Templates: Turn Your Data Vision into Reality

Let’s get into it.


🔥 AI News: The A is for Apple.

Apple has officially entered the era of AI. Missed the big news? Here’s Apple's quick 5-minute recap.

Let’s address the elephant in the room: for Apple, AI doesn’t stand for Artificial Intelligence. AI = Apple Intelligence. This rebranding, in my opinion, is a genius move. Even as a marketer, the term "Apple Intelligence" resonates differently—it's smart, and how fortunate for Apple that their name starts with an 'A'!

So, what is Apple Intelligence?

  • Writing Tools: AI writing tools aren’t new, but integrated directly into Apple’s UI, they promise higher quality with trusted Apple design. No more need to switch to ChatGPT for proofreading your emails.
  • Genmoji: Just type a description, like "Three whales riding a rocketship to the moon," and voila, your custom emoji is ready!
  • Image Wand: This feature transforms your rough sketches into polished images—as if by magic.
  • Siri is Smart: Now with richer language understanding, Siri remembers the context from your previous conversations and pulls personal data from your photos, calendar, and messages to assist you more effectively. You can even interact with Siri by typing!

Why Apple has a unique advantage: Quality AI outputs require rich context about the user’s needs, and Apple's deep integration into personal devices gives it an edge. With years of building user trust through robust data privacy, Apple is uniquely positioned to leverage this vast reservoir of personal data securely, ensuring user trust remains intact.

Apple Intelligence is also designed to be refreshingly simple, likely attracting a new segment of users who may feel overwhelmed by existing AI technologies.

For a more in-depth look, check out Tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee’s WWDC 2024 Recap.

DALL·E 2024-06-13 16.30.54 - A wide, artistic digital art piece showcasing Apples transition to AI, named Apple Intelligence. The composition features a long, futuristic digita

📖 What We're Consuming

A collection of interesting reads, watches, and listens from the Triple Whale team.

  • Great Ad for Gemini with Mark Cuban: I'll let the ad do the talking. Watch on YouTube
  • Compute vs Data: Which is the bottleneck?: A thought-provoking tweet by Alexandr Wang discussing the current challenges in AI development. Read More
  • Reid Hoffman on The Future of TikTok and The Inflection AI Deal: Explore Reid Hoffman's insights on the evolving landscape of foundation models, the dynamics behind the Microsoft and Inflection deal, and more. Listen on Spotify
  • What should an AI’s personality be? A deep dive into the development of AI personalities, featuring insights from Anthropic. Read More
  • LLMs are not the path to AGI: François Chollet and Mike Knoop challenge the mainstream AI approach and introduce a $1M prize to explore alternatives to achieve general intelligence. Catch the details on Dwarkesh’s Podcast. Learn More About the Challenge

🐳 Moby Got an Upgrade

Moby just got an upgrade, and it’s pretty mind blowing. Now, Moby can help answer questions like:

“Which attribution window should I use?”

Check out this video to see how Aj used Moby to get to the bottom of this in real-time.

Attribution Window - Moby

🏂 Board Templates: Transform Your Vision into Reality

Imagine creating your dream ecommerce dashboard – what would it look like? What metrics would it include? Who would benefit the most?

The future of Triple Whale is customizable and flexible. This involves the brilliant minds of our community, and you're invited to create your one-of-a-kind board template for all to see and use.

Fill out this form to submit your dream board. If approved, we will reach out with next steps to bring your board to life in our Template Library.

Here's a preview of one were building with a partner 👀.

Board Template Preview

Submit Your Board

That's it for this week! Come back next week for more intriguing updates!

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