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What is Simple Modern's Mike Beckham's go-to marketing channel?

What is Simple Modern's Mike Beckham's go-to marketing channel?

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March 18, 2024
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This is probably splitting hairs, but some words don't do themselves justice.

The word 'container' for instance - perfectly reasonable, hardly descriptive. For my money, give me a term that tells a story. Something like...'vessel.'

A vessel suggests a journey. A transport. And Mike Beckham of Simple Modern knows something about the time it takes to get somewhere.

Bootstrapped with his own money after a stint in nonprofits, Beckham leveraged a backstory in grocery retail to forge a new path to hydration for the masses.

The brand he's built in that time reflects his dynamic worldview, one that encourages longevity for the thirsty, and prosperity for those in need. At Simple Modern, their gaze is wide, but their impact is direct.

1. What will be your primary focus in 2023 as a business owner?

‍Growing the DTC aspect of our business, investing in manufacturing, and product line expansion.


‍2. What is the best-kept secret that more founders should know about?

‍I would say that quality of life ends up tying to the daily culture you are a part of FAR more than the level of success of the organization.


‍3. How are you managing your mental health as a founder?

‍Volunteering outside of work with my church, prioritizing friendships and my family, being connected with other CEO's that can relate with the challenges I face.


‍4. What is your dream Simple Modern collaboration?

‍No one answer here, but I love when we work with people/brands that are making a positive and redemptive impact on the world. We have several more of these type of collaborations planned for next year.


‍5. If you were starting from scratch as a DTC founder, where would you allocate 90% of your capital?

‍Product. I'm a believer that everything else in a business gets easier when you have exceptional product.


‍6. What do you think is the most common mistake founders make?

‍The 3 most common mistakes I see founders make:-Being so persistent that they keep pursuing an idea that has a low probability of success-Believing they have product market fit before they do and scaling prematurely-Not transitioning from a primarily executional role to more of a coaching role as the organization scales.


‍7. What is your go-to marketing channel?

‍Our best marketing channel recently has been Google, specifically Google Shopping.

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