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What's New in Triple Whale: May 2023 Product Updates

What's New in Triple Whale: May 2023 Product Updates

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

Welcome back to the second edition of Triple Whale's Monthly Product Updates! We kept our foot on the gas last month and we're super excited to share a variety of new features and product updates, guided by feedback from our customers.

In addition to last month's distribution through blogs, emails, and social media, this month we're upping the game with a dedicated webpage for our monthly product updates. This page will be updated each month to reflect the latest product updates. You can check it out HERE.

New Features:

Activity Feed

Triple Whale's Activity Feed is the all-in-one visualization tool for your business activities and key metrics.

With Activity Feed, you can easily view the latest activities occurring across your key integrations alongside your most important metrics.

Do you want to see every campaign or adset budget change you've made on Facebook? Or maybe you want to plot Facebook ad spend and Shopify revenue on a graph while overlaying all new ad creation activities? Now it's possible with Activity Feed.

But wait, there's more! [Read in Billy Mays' voice]

Have you ever wanted a single space to review your key metrics while also logging your own custom activities?

Let's say you recently ran a promotion with a bunch of influencers, launched a TV ad, or made a major change to your site's homepage. With Activity Feed, you can log these as custom activities and plot them on the graph as annotations, so that you can see exactly how your marketing efforts are impacting your key metrics.

Activity Feed enables you to make data-driven decisions that help you grow your ecommerce business.

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Microsoft Ads Integration

Triple Whale now integrates with Microsoft Ads! (Formerly known as Bing Ads.)

This means that brands who use Microsoft Ads can now see their platform data in Triple Whale's Summary Page and gain powerful first-party attribution from within Triple Whale's Pixel Page. Just connect your account, set up your UTMs, and you're ready to go.

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Track Inventory to Connected Ads

Ever wondered if your ads are promoting out-of-stock products? You'd probably want to scale down your ad spend on products running low, right? Yeah, we’re on the same page. 

Triple Whale now includes inventory status, built right into the Pixel Page! Now, every campaign, ad set, and ad will show you the inventory status.

  1. Quickly identify ads that promote out-of-stock products or lead to a purchase of an out-of-stock product.
  2. Snooze notifications for particular SKUs.
  3. Stop wasting your budget on products you don’t have in Stock.

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Anomaly Notifications

You've probably already downloaded the Triple Whale mobile app. But what could be better than having access to your data on the go?

How about Anomaly notifications whenever your store or marketing channels need your attention?

Now, you can enable Anomaly notifications to automatically receive alerts when things start to look a little fishy – or when your shop is going gangbusters.

Triple Whale's anomaly notifications work across mobile push, Slack, email, and browser notifications. Bonus feature: You can also enable email and Slack notifications from Lighthouse.

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Updates to Existing Features


Cohorts have undergone a full revamp and now offer an improved user experience, including new features such as a better UI, a year timeframe, export to CSV, and sharing to Google Sheets.

The report provides data segmentation and filtering, allowing for a deeper understanding of how and why different subsets of customers bring more value to the business than others. This information will aid in making important decisions such as:

  • How much can I afford to spend to acquire new customers?
  • Which of my marketing initiatives should I abandon, and which should I scale up?
  • Which product categories should I expand to maximize long-term profits?
  • What percentage of your revenue comes from new vs. long-time users?
  • When is the best time to re-engage your users?
  • Which media source drove the most ROI-positive users?

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Benchmarks are back!

See how your store compares to similar brands, right from your Triple Whale Dashboard. Select your industry, AOV (Average Order Value), and monthly ad spend, and we'll show you how your "peers" (stores with matching selections) are performing. This allows you to understand where your brand is thriving and identify areas for improvement.

Triple Whale's benchmarks are based on comprehensive data from over 6,000 brands, ranging from $100K to $250M+ in annual revenue.

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Post-Purchase Surveys

Our post-purchase survey has been upgraded with the following features:

  1. Answer Order Randomization: By default, the responses to the attribution question will be randomized for every customer who views the survey at checkout. This feature helps mitigate survey bias (i.e., the tendency of respondents to always choose the first answer, which might be 'Facebook' in this case). But don't worry, 'none of the above' will always be shown last. The attribution question will consistently have this randomization feature enabled, but it can be toggled off for any additional questions that are created.
  2. Manual Installation: If you're not utilizing Shopify's native checkout, you can manually install the survey and customize its placement. Yes, you can position that small box wherever you desire on the page. Furthermore, if you use standard Shopify but also have third-party apps displayed, you can utilize a <div> tag to adjust where our survey is shown on the 'Thank You' page."

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Custom Metrics in Pixel

Agencies and brands can now create custom metrics within their Pixel Page and add them directly to the Pixel Page Tables.

Just as with the custom metrics in your dashboard, simply select the metrics you'd like to blend, allow Triple Whale to do the calculations, and display them as columns on your Pixel Page Tables.

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Coming Soon…

Customer Journeys

Customer Journeys are getting a major overhaul. Here's how:

  1. Expanded Journey Stages: Now, you can visualize the steps your customer took prior to purchase in even greater detail as we expand the maximum steps shown from 6 to 10, encompassing 90% of customer journeys.
  2. View All Data Sources: Customer Journeys will now give customers the option to include all data sources, not just integrated ones. This means your data/sources will match what you see on the Pixel-All page w/ First-Click model applied.
  3. Campaign drill down: Customers will be able to drill down from “Channel/Source” into “Campaign” to understand which campaigns are driving channel-level performance.
  4. Quick Filters: Customers can now cut through the noise and visualize customers journeys with “All” channels, “Paid” channels, or "Main" channels (paid + sms/email)

That's a wrap! To learn more about any of our products/features be sure to check out our Knowledge Base.

Not a customer yet? Book a demo to learn more about our new features and core products.

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