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The AI Transformation: Issue #9

The AI Transformation: Issue #9

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June 7, 2024
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Welcome back to our weekly blog where we discuss all things AI and show you how we’re building the future of Triple Whale around this cutting-edge technology.

Our team is working around the clock (literally, our team is spread across 6 countries around the globe) to get the next generation of Triple Whale ready for general access. This email will keep you in the loop on everything you need to know.

This week's agenda:

🔥 AI News: AGI by 2027?
📖 What We’re Reading

🛠️ Moby Use Case: Correlation between Facebook Spend and Amazon Sales
🏂 Board Templates: Turn Your Data Vision into Reality
💾 More Data: Gorgias Convert x Triple Whale
🏎️ Under the Hood

Let’s dive in.


🔥 AI News: AGI by 2027?

In a recent episode of the Dwarkesh Patel podcast, Leopold Aschenbrenner, a former OpenAI researcher, shared provocative insights on the rapid advancement towards artificial general intelligence (AGI). Aschenbrenner, who was dismissed from OpenAI after voicing concerns about AI security, predicts that AGI could be achieved as soon as 2027. He elaborates on this in his new essay series "Situational Awareness," exploring potential timelines and the impacts of AGI.

The Breakdown:

Aschenbrenner suggests the pace of AI development could soon mirror the leaps from GPT-2 to GPT-4, signaling a seismic shift in capabilities that could compress decades of technological progress into mere years. He warns that the economic and military implications of AGI are so significant they merit a national project akin to the Manhattan Project.

Why This Matters:

Given his background and insider perspective, Aschenbrenner's views are particularly resonant. He frames AGI not just as a technological milestone but as a crucial national security issue, highlighting the lack of preparedness for what’s looming on the horizon.

More About Leopold:

Leopold Aschenbrenner, only 22 years old, graduated as the valedictorian from Columbia University in 2021 at the age of 19. Recently, Leopold started his own venture capital firm, focusing on innovative technologies in the AI space. This move further underscores his commitment to influencing and advancing the field of artificial intelligence.

For more insights from Leopold Aschenbrenner, visit his podcast discussion here and read his essays at Situational Awareness.

DALL·E 2024-06-06 17.04.08 - A dynamic and intense visualization of rapid advancement towards AGI, inspired by Leopold Aschenbrenners discussion on the Dwarkesh Patel podcast. Th

📖 What We're Reading

A collection of interesting reads from the Triple Whale team.

  • @ivanhzhao, founder of Notion, discusses the fragmentation of software and debates whether AI will improve or exacerbate this issue.
  • @Sullyomarr explores the creation of a marketplace for agents, a new frontier in the digital economy.
  • Bens Bites: Highly regarded as one of the top AI newsletters and my personal favorite for staying on top of AI news
  • Tiferes, an AI-centric VC, has just launched their "AI Future Newsletter," promising insights into AI's evolving landscape.
  • Why AI Will Save the World: Originally published by Marc Andreessen one year ago, this article remains a timeless exploration of AI's potential to revolutionize our world.
  • AI for Marketers: An insightful article from Andreessen Horowitz on how general AI-based software is advancing marketing and sales strategies.
  • Leadership in the Age of AI: A captivating conversation between Jensen Huang, Founder, President, and CEO of NVIDIA, and Patrick Collison, Co-founder and CEO of Stripe, discussing the impact of AI on leadership.

🛠️ Moby Use Case: Correlation between Facebook Spend and Amazon Sales

Have you ever wanted to know the correlation between your Meta spend and your Amazon sales?

With Moby, all you need to do is ask. Check out the video from Aj

Aj Corlation Moby

🏂 Board Templates: Transform Your Vision into Reality

Imagine creating your dream ecommerce dashboard – what would it look like? What metrics would it include? Who would benefit the most? 

The future of Triple Whale is customizable and flexible. This involves the brilliant minds of our community, and you're invited to create your one-of-a-kind board template for all to see and use. 

Fill out this form to submit your dream board. If approved, we will reach out with next steps to bring your board to life in our Template Library.

Here's a preview of one were building with a partner 👀.

Board Template Preview

Submit Your Board


💾 More Data: Gorgias Convert x Triple Whale

Huge news: Triple Whale can now automatically track and attribute sessions, purchases, conversion value, AOV, and sessions from all Gorgias Convert campaigns using Pixel. That means you can see your KPIs on the Pixel pages and view metrics using Triple Whale’s 7 attribution models.

If you have early access to the the next generation of Triple Whale, you can access the Gorgias Board here.

Gorgias Board

Learn More


🏎️ Under the Hood

Our dev team is working hard on a big data warehouse migration. What does this mean for customers?

  • 4x faster load times
  • More sales channels
  • Increased output of future integrations

And much more. That's all for now!

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