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Introducing Triple Pixel PRO

Introducing Triple Pixel PRO

We just beat ourselves at our own game. Triple Pixel has just been elevated to Triple Pixel PRO (we may or may not have named it this for the irony, IFYKYK)--now you have access to the best in-class click attribution. Never miss a purchase again (at least 99.7% of purchases 😉).

We just added rocket boosters to the Triple Pixel’s performance, for free, don’t tell Elon or Jeff. Here's what you have to look forward to with the new Triple Pixel PRO: 

  • Best In-class Click Tracking Technology
  • Never Miss A Purchase Again
  • Pixel PRO Challenge
  • No Extra Cost To You (if you're an existing customer you've automatically been upgraded)
  • How Do I Get Pixel PRO? 

Best In-class Click Tracking Technology

This is a strong statement, but what does it mean? You literally cannot get better click attribution than what Triple Pixel PRO provides–put another way, we’ve literally hit the attribution ceiling. We challenge anyone to show us a better Pixel. Depending on your store and buyer's behavior you’ll most likely see a little bump, but could see up to a 10% bump in your attribution. Orphan orders are now down to .3% across all 2,000 of our customer's stores.

If there is a better pixel, then give our team 8 weeks and then you’ll see Triple Pixel PRO MAX. ;) Huge shoutout to our team for being able to build the Triple Pixel PRO in an 8 week sprint.  

Never Miss A Purchase Again

Attribution is hard and just about every pixel misses purchases; other pixels use data modeling to *try* to make up the difference…we give you the real and raw data. If a visitor comes from an integrated platform or has UTM parameters, makes a Purchase, we’ll show you a buyer journey and every step the buyer took to get there. 

Oh yeah, with TP PRO we now build buyer journey’s in REAL-TIME. This is incredibly impactful if you want to measure the effectiveness of any new changes in real-time. For example, let’s say you just launched a new segmentation audience and flow in Klaviyo for abandoned carts. You can now see in real-time how that’s affecting conversions. Copy and paste that example to launching new ad creative, new retargeting campaigns, testing new offers, etc. 

Introducing the Pixel PRO Challenge

Don’t just take our word for it. Introducing the Pixel PRO Challenge:

   1. Google your brand

   2. Click on an Ad (that takes you to your website)

   3. Make a Purchase

   4. Go To Triple Whale

   5. See You and Your Journey in Triple Whale

If you want to get crazy...follow the same steps above, but on your iPhone. You'll see Pixel PRO add another step to your journey in TW. If you don’t see your Purchase in TW, we’ll give you a full refund of Pixel PRO.

BONUS: share a screenshot of your buyer journey on twitter + tag us = we'll send you some swag

No Extra Cost To You

We want you to have the best data and experience possible. So yeah, we’re rolling this out completely free to all existing Triple Pixel customers. 

When does it ship and how do I get it? 

If you're an existing customer, Pixel PRO has already shipped and has been populating your dashboard since Tuesday May 17. Just another over the air update from Triple Whale, making your data even better.

If you're not a Triple Whale customer, what are you waiting for? Get on the Triple Train and get Pixel PRO. Click Get Started below to schedule a free demo!

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