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How To Create Winning, 7-Figure TikTok Creative

How To Create Winning, 7-Figure TikTok Creative

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

You've heard it all before - content is king.

Well, in today's TikTok obsessed world ,it is as true as it gets. 90% of your success on the platform will be a direct result of how well you can create amazing scroll stopping content.

But what does good TikTok creative actually look like?

We have helped brands generate multiple 6 figures and are consistently creating new creatives every week for our clients.

In this blog post, we will be looking in-depth on how to structure creative content on TikTok.

Note: For the sake of this blog post, we are focusing on selling sports nursing bras, bikinis & skincare.

The Blueprint

At the start ,a very easy mistake to make would be rushing into creating content. But in fact we need a well structured plan to work towards.

This is without doubt the most important part when it comes to producing high quality content. After all.. If you fail to prepare.. Prepare to fail!

Step 1

We always begin by creating a list of all the different angles we could use for the ad, hooks, pain points, benefits or transformation & call to action.  

It is best to start coming up with a few ideas on how/why/when your customer will be using your product.

These ideas can be presented to your content creator so they have a clear picture of how you intend the final video to look.

For this example we are going to be focusing on a Sports Nursing Bra Brand.

Firstly, what are hooks?

As we only have a few seconds to grab the person's attention we need to have a good hook to keep them engaged and to get them to keep watching the video.


  • Are you a breastfeeding mom who is tired of switching bras between workouts to feed your hungry baby?
  • 4 reasons why breastfeeding moms should buy this sports nursing bra
  • Nursing and pumping can be a real challenge, especially when you're trying to stay active.
  • If you haven’t tried a nursing bra…watch this!
  • “I Wish I Knew About This Brand Before!”
  • “Calling all (target audience) who are tired of (x problem)”

These hooks will resonate with moms who are expecting or just giving birth to their new born baby, and are going to keep them engaged to watch the rest of the video.

What are the pain points you solve?

Now if your product fixes a problem, you want to remind them of the problem they’re facing.

In this case,

  1. The mom is having trouble feeding their new born baby with a conventional bra.
  2. Struggling to exercise because they need to nurse and pump for their new born baby constantly.
  3. Struggling to find a bra that grows and supports their growing breasts.

Product doesn’t solve a pain point?

If your brand doesn't solve a problem, try these methods below to showcase your product in a transformational way, creating hype or creating fear of missing out.

  • Talk about how it's the latest trend & selling out quickly.
  • How the product makes you feel.
  • Show off the product by unboxing it.
  • Talk about why you like the product (never seen this style, you like the material etc).
  • Pretend to have someone walking up to you and asking where did you buy your t-shirt.
  • Show off different products in quick transitions.

Showcasing the product

If you haven’t shown off the product yet in the video, here is when you want to showcase the product to the user.

For the nursing bra, we would demonstrate how the product is used & the benefits.

This loops straight into the next section of the high converting video you are about to create.

What are the benefits/transformation for your product?

As soon as we showcase the product, we want to describe & show the user the benefit of using the product and/or the transformation they are going to get/feel.

It is very important to be clear & concise and list 2-3 major benefits of the product to keep the audience engaged.

Feature: Fully-adjustable sports nursing bra.

Benefit: This bra supports and grows with your body's hourly changes.

In the video instead of saying “fully-adjustable sports bra” we would say “This sports nursing bra supports and grows with your growing breasts and your baby’s demands”

See the difference?

The Call To Action

This is one of the most important steps. Without a call to action you are going to leave the video viewers left confused and wondering what they should do next.

Now we can have different types of CTAs from soft to stronger CTAs.

For example:

Whether you are in pregnancy, postpartum or nursing, this bra has everything you need and more!

You have to try this Sports Nursing Bra, it will change your life!

Start the quiz today and see what Sports Nursing Bra is right for you.

As a mom, I highly recommend it to all my friends who are expecting a newborn or are breastfeeding.

Step 2

Now it’s important to make it clear, concise and easy to understand and to answer any questions your content creator may have to save time going back and forth, with reshoots & edits.

Download our template here:

Step 3

Present your content creator with all the information on how you would like the video to look.

Making sure to include:

  • Location
  • Hooks
  • Examples you found
  • Ideas
  • Phrases
  • A brief description of you would like it to look
  • Answer any common questions that the creator might have
  • iPhone settings.

That is how we start all of our creative content.

Successful creatives 101

These tips may seem like the basics but forgetting to do these can be the difference in a successful video and a failed one

- They are shot with a phone to capture the native look of the platform
- They are shot in 9:16
- Lighting is essential - Natural lighting is always preferred but a ring is important. (Avoid direct sunlight into camera lens)
- They are edited to look like a TikTok video, meaning any text overlay, stickers, emojis etc. look native to the app
- Camera Settings → 4K (1080 HD if not possible)  & 60 fps with HDR turned OFF
- Environment - distraction-free, clean space/room - keep the background a plain wall or styled space free from any mess.
- Clear audio


  • Vertical


  • Keep a steady or constant frame for higher quality.
  • Tripod – allows to keep it hand free and stop the phone from shaking.

The GOAL - is to create performance creative that is authentic, designed to make a person take action.

Inspire - Give the viewer an urge to make a purchase.

Entertain - Give the viewer a reason to watch using emotion.

Educate - Provide the viewer with new or valuable information.

Go through this on a regular basis to spot new trends and fill yourself with inspiration for new content. TikTok ads library

Cheat codes for successful creatives

Now that we have covered the basic rules of how creatives are made, let’s look at some additional tips you can use to spice up your creatives even more.

We have covered the basics of how creatives are made, now let's look at some tips that will really push your creatives to the next level.

Your primary objective for any TikTok video is stop the user scrolling and engage them within the first 3 seconds of the video. Use Strong visual hooks.

Split Screen & Overlays

Having different videos playing in the three seconds, can help capture the attention.

  • Show a mother using the sports nursing bra with her newborn but we can have another video showing how easy it is to use and unclip from the front. This will show 2 USPs in the first 3 seconds.

Fast Transitions

A mistake video editors make all the time is using slow transitions that take 2 or seconds or longer. Our attention span is getting shorter and shorter, and showing different transitions quickly will help keep the user interested.

  • Show 2-5 different mothers wearing the nursing sports bra within the first 3 seconds.
  • Show 2-5 different USPs in the first 3 seconds to show the audiences the USP of your product,and keep them engaged to hear how your product can help them.

Facial Reactions, Bizarre shots, Extreme Close Ups

Videos that include these help grab the user's attention because it is something that looks different, weird and makes you look twice. Think of different ways your product could be used that would quickly grab someone's attention.

- Have the video start zoomed in on someone's eyes, with them applying eye liner and messing up slightly, this is going to keep someone engaged and show the next eyes perfectly done.  
- With the sports nursing bra, we can show the facial reaction of the mother on how easy it is to use the bra.

Sex sells

Creating something sexual should always be done in a funny, trendy and most importantly attentition grabbing way. Spice up your creatives by giving it a sexual spin and you will see attention and engagement go through the roof!

- If you own a skin care product, you can have someone squeeze the product and have the cream squirting out, this is going to make the person stop the scroll.
- Show a girl, filming close to her face, laying on a sun lounger by the pool, via the selfie camera having a smirk on her face. Change the camera after 1-2 seconds, showing off one of her girl friends and saying “she's wearing our new bikini collection” and then saying “she's looking absolute fire.”


TikTok's built -in greenscreen filter is incredible for catching users attention because you can add any kind of reaction/video to the video in a way that feels native to the platform.

○ Use any video you have but change the text to “I have used this and it’s actually

good!”. Then show the content creator’s face, confirming the videos message

and holding up the nursing sports bra as proof that she uses it too

Hook ideas for your next creative

I will be sharing some hooks that have been working extremely well for our clients, feel free to use and to make litarations of them

  • “If you don’t use (x) for (x) then I don’t know what you’re doing!”
  • Stop scrolling if you suffer from (x)
  • “Get Rid Of (x Problem) With (x solution/product)
  • My Personal Battle With (x problem)
  • I Wish I Knew About This Brand Before!
  • “One product I use EVERY day without fail is…(x)!
  • “If you haven’t tried (x)…watch this!

It's time to bring things to an end

It would be easy for me to go into even more detail about TikTok as it has so many amazing creative possibilities which results in a constant learning process, you never fully master it!

I hope this post has raised awareness about how the creative process is used by growing Ecom brands on TikTok.

Please let me know if you have any questions - I would love to answer them, and discuss creative processes in more detail.

Thank you for reading!

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