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Whale-Informed: September 2023 Product Updates

Whale-Informed: September 2023 Product Updates

Last Updated:  
March 18, 2024

We’ve been listening to your feedback, and in September, we rolled out a series of small yet impactful updates to enhance your everyday workflow.

To keep you whale-informed (see what we did there?), here's a recap of the key updates from last month!

You can also visit our product updates page to stay on top of the key updates. We'll update it the first week of each month.

Sync With Klaviyo

Smart Customer Data Platform (SCDP) segments can now be synced to Klaviyo to create dynamic lists (updated every 24-48 hours). This means you can now power your Klaviyo automations with your Triple Whale data.

Metric Tile Breakdowns

For any metric tile that is composed of more than one variable in its calculation, we now display those Metrics in the Breakdown tab. That means greater transparency for our customers.


We are now showing 'Discounts' as its own tile in the Shopify store section in Summary Page. This means, customers can use this metric to build other custom metrics. Note that this currently includes shipping discounts. 

Custom Expenses

We’ve added the ability to filter custom expenses based on name of expense and sort the expenses by start date or end date. For fixed custom expenses, customers can now add / edit custom fixed expenses via a google sheet

Expanded Customer Filters

Powered by Shopify customer data, we’ve added new customer filters within the Insight pages (Cohorts, Product Analytics, Cart Analysis)! 

We now support the following customer filters:Name, Email, Phone, Store account status, Customer tags, Country, State, City, Email marketing consent, SMS marketing consent, Total number of orders, Total spend, AOV

These new filters require to reconnect to Shopify which will expand the connection scope to enrich customer data.

Pods Present Views

Triple Whale users can build and save preset views for specific groups of shops in their Pods View. This is great for agencies and multi-geo brands who want to group certain shops together.

Custom Metrics

Customers can now create custom metrics with integers that are decimals, offering more precision and flexibility for unique business needs.

Thats All for Now!

As always, we appreciate you being a part of the Triple Whale journey.

Have a great (and spooky) October! 

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